Saturday, October 14, 2006

WRITING: Online writers' conference a blast!

This week, I attended on of the most busy, intense and informational writers conferences I'd ever seen. And I never my house.

The first-ever MuseOnline Writers' Conference featured a week of workshops and on-line chat presentations on everything from building suspense in your story to getting published to promoting your book. We even held an on-line party--and I had more fun than I have at a party in years!

The presenters were first-rate. Publishers like Lida Quillen from TwilightTimesBooks and Tom Burton from Wolfmont talked about the industry and what they look for in a manuscript while Dindy Robinson from Swimmingkangaroo hit the basics with what good authors do right. Writers like Christine Amsden, Marilyn Peake,Joyce Faulkner, and Christina Barber hit everything from the basics of plot to the details of ghosthunting (and ghostwriting.) And of course, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Colleen Drippe, Rose Dimond (fellow writers of Infinite Space, infinite God) and I gave a workshop on incorporating faith into fiction.

For me, the most useful workshops were book promotion. After hearing all of Carolyn Howard-Johnson's ideas, I'm ready to put ISIG on the best seller list! I've also been inspired to start a newsletter on faith in fiction. Contact me if you're interested. I'm also starting a new blog--Virtual book Tour de 'Net: a great place ton both peruse for books or promote your own.

The week is over, and I'm coming down from the conference high and trying to get the house back in order. King Kluck is waiting to have his salt changed, too...but that's another blog!


Patricia Harrington said...


Zipped over to see your blog after your post at the MUSE CONFERENCE. What a great place to connect and learn. I'm interested in your Faith in Fiction newsletter, though I may do a bit outside the box in terms of my writing. Was a guest editor at Gateway S-F, and had a couple stories there. And my sleuth, exhibits some of her faith, subtly, I hope, in the Bridget O'Hern amateur sleuth series.

So, I'm signing up for all the marketing brouhaha, I can.


Pat Harrington

Patricia Harrington said...


You are so right about the MUSE CONFERENCE. It was a blast, learning and meeting wonderful folks. And all online!

I'd like to join your Faith in Fiction newsletter. And I'm also interested in all the marketing connections possible. So the Virtual Booktour sounds wonderful.

I've been a guest editor at Gateway S-F and had a couple stories published there. My amateur detective Bridget O'Hern, also demonstrates her faith, subtly, I hope as she "seeks her bliss," after the tragic end of her 23-yer marriage.

Having fun with all this writing gig.

Isn't life great!

Joy and Blessings,

Pat Harrington