Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book sale at Twilight Times!

If you've been wanting to get Infinite Space, Infinite God, now is the time!

This year is the 10th anniversary of the founding of Twilight Times Books (1999) and
the 5th year since we went to print (2004). Those are significant milestones.

In celebration, Twilight Times Books will have a print book sale from Oct. 1st to
Nov. 15th. Most titles will be offered to the general public at a 10 - 30% discount.

For a limited time, and while quantities last, we are offering a 30% - 50% discount
on selected titles.

Check out our newsletter for info on our latest releases.

Lida E. Quillen, Publisher
Twilight Times Books

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cell Phone/Anal Cavity Ring tone Winner!

"Possibly the most beautiful song ever written about a cell phone being shoved up an orifice." - Craig Marks. An ELO pastiche. Lyrics by Craig Marks. Music, production, acoustic guitars, electric bass, cello, synthesizer, vocoder and all vocals by Chris Mezzolesta.

There are no new ideas....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ring tone?

Some days, you just have to love the brainstorming that does on between writers.

My friend wrote me: "Say a guy falls down, while naked, and somehow ends up with his cellphone stuck where the sun don't shine. give me your top 5 funniest ringtones ......"

My answers:

Any Way You Want It
Stuck On You
Ride of the Valkyries
Intercom Whistle from the Starship Enterprise

What do you come up with?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More Fallout From Disney Taking Over Marvel

Storm put in charge of weather control. Disneyworld now sunny 365 days a year.
Spiderman to star in the remake of It's Tough to be a Bug 3-D show.
Cinderella leaves Prince Charming to hook up with Iron Man.
Insurance rates for Disney theme parks and hotels have rocketed.
Magneto is only allowed to ride the wooden roller coasters.
Mr.Fantastic's robot and the Love Bug are fast friends. Folks call them, "the Herbies."
Hydroman tried to hijack the USS Tipton.
Earth Force forced to join Friends for Change: Project Green.
The mutants at Xavier Institute learn valuable lessons about diversity and breaking stereotypes in High School Musical II: Generation X.

Do you have some to share? Comment!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The results of Disney Buying Marvel

The results of Disney Buying Marvel

Pinocchio will never lie around the Torch.
Henry McCoy will have to be let go--there's only room for one beast.
Wolverine will have to stop smoking. Disney is "family friendly," after all.
Wolverine will have to cut down on his language. Disney needs to maintain its reputation, after all.
Wolverine will have to wear a helmet when riding his motorcycle. Disney promotes safety, after all.
Wolverine has just thrown the Disney Board of Directors out the window and is heading home. He has his pride, after all.
Mylie Cyrus is giving Mystique wardrobe hints.
Black cat! Spit that mouse out!
Doc Oc and Urusula (Little Mermaid) are dating.
Doctor Strange and the Genie got into a magical tiff and are MIA.
Goofy had levied to join the X Men.
Donald Duck bumped into the Hulk in the Disney cast cafeteria. It was not pretty.