Monday, September 24, 2007

Leaps of Faith Finally Coming!

Every have one of those days where you really, truly intend to get a thing done, but 15 other things get in your way? Hey, then you know how my past 2 months have been. I honestly feel like I'm chopping away at an iceberg with an ice pick--and the Titanic is on the way!

But I am really, really, really resolving to start making this blog regular and more worthwhile. I just took Audrey Shaffer's Marketing/Branding course, and--big surprise--she recommends you have a blog and that you keep it to the topics for which you write....


So my New Fiscal Year's Resolution is to start blogging a little more about the things that impact my writing: from writing and marketing tips to commentary on the issues of tomorrow (SF, you know) to what's going on in my writing world--the stories and the publishing. So, to that end, this week's blogs are dedicated to "Catch Up."


Yes, after seven years of searching for a print publisher, Leaps of Faith will be published! The Writer's Cafe Press (publisher Cynthia MacKinnon) published quality Christian Speculative Fiction--sci-fi to horror. They've already put out Light at the Edge of Darkness and Flashpoint, both terrific books for the Christian reader who likes to have characters that deal with the amazing without forgetting the Amazing Grace.

We're looking at a Summer 08 release date, but don't hold me to that. Publishing is a tricky business.

BTW--if you'd like to support the cause of Christian spec fic, small-press publishers with conscience, or me and the many wonderful writers who contributed to Leaps of Faith, please buy Light at the Edge of Darkness of Flashpoint. Don't have money? Check them out--literally. Ask your library to purchase a copy. I'll be honest, I'm not much for heavy-handed treatment of religion in my fiction, but I did enjoy these books, especially Flashpoint. Check them out on my book blog:

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Reviews for Infinite Space, Infinite God

The Infinite Space, Infinite God virtual book tour is over. We attended over 40 blogs and two live chats. I've enjoyed the interviews and guest blogging, and have been impressed by the reviews. I was a little sorry not to see more comments, and I had some of the links wrong, but overall it was a terrific experience.
Today, I want to share some highlights from the reviews:

From Book Connection: Could a book of this nature appeal to a reader whose only experience with science-fiction is the television shows Star Trek and Star Trek the Next Generation?
The answer is a resounding, YES!
Never before have I regretted the end of a story as much as I did after I finished each of the fifteen stories included in Infinite Space, Infinite God. Each story drew me in with the depth of its characters, uniqueness of its plot, and its powerful endings. I never knew what to except in the next story, but I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

From Lost Genre Guild: And one more thing, it is pretty darn refreshing to read good fiction that does not haul out the fictional stereotypes of predatory priests or knuckle-rapping nuns.
I thoroughly enjoyed all of the stories included in Infinite Space Infinite God and liked the fact that they forced me to ponder and question. In fact, I became so interested in the spiritual background of the stories that Karina agreed to give me a tutorial on some preconceived notions I had about Catholicism.

From The Snoring Scholar: I have never been a great reader of science fiction. Truth be told, I’ve never been very interested in what I’m supposedly missing. Walking into the sci-fi/fantasy section of a bookstore leaves me feeling cold and alien, makes my breath come in shallow bursts, and turns the world a strange dark gray. It’s just so unfamiliar. I don’t recognize old friends beckoning me from the shelves, and I don’t feel any sense of kinship with the strange premises that I find on the back cover synopses.
That may have all changed.... The authors and the editors of ISIG have woven a tapestry of applied Catholic teaching and current Catholic questioning. Even as we debate stem cell research and fight the horrors of abortion in our own time, these men and women are pushing the boundaries and blazing into the next set of ethical dilemmas we stand to face.
Is there more fiction like this? I’m certainly inspired to look. It has been among the most terrifying reading I’ve done, and also among the most invigorating. It has filled my mind with possibilities and hope, even as it made me consider the eternal importance of what we do when we profess our faith and live our lives as God has called us.

From Steven Doyle: Karina and Robert Fabian have put together an excellent collection of stories showcasing Catholic Science Fiction.

From Frank Creed: The Fabians have amassed a fine group of writers in ISIG. Besides being entertaining, these stories provoke thought, educate us non-Catholics, and give the reader a new take on commonly held suppositions about the Catholic church. Pick up a copy of Infinite Space, Infinite God and see for yourself—but careful, this is hot stuff!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quick Life Update

Just wanted anyone who checks in to know that we are finally settling in at Minot ND. Boxes are mostly unpacked, rooms are mostly in order and my new computer is mostly at optimum functionality. (Vista and MS Word 07 are not made for writers who do not have have time to re-learn a new operating system, search for commands that were only a click away, or fight with it because it won't work nicely with other programs--including older version of Microsoft.)

The kids are in school and adapting nicely. The older two are having the middle school experience I would have loved to have had, socially. They are also displaying a confidence and knack for handling problems that would have left me stymied.

Looks like our house is sold. We have a contract, but there are always potential problems between now and closing date. However, I can now pray, "Let things go smoothly" instead of "Find us a family soon!"

Rob is enjoying his new job, but we're both getting a little tired of his blackberry going off for every little thing. He's also having to learn to tell his people to handle things, then wait, ratter than just going in and doing it himself. (Of course, this is not a problem where the technical things are concerned, but where he has to lead by telling his leaders, "make it happen," he's still fighting his instinct to jump on in.)

Our new house on base is very nice, bigger than we'd expected, though not as well insulated--you can hear everything from one end of the house to the other. The neighborhood is terrific and we're only a block from the elementary school. The older two are going to Catholic School, and the bus comes right to our door.

Tomorrow, I'll give an update on the Virtual Book Tour and other news.