Sunday, October 04, 2009

I'll be part of a virtual book tour for The Zombie Cookbook, edited by Kim Richards. I have two stories in it: "Wokking Dead," where zombies invade a Korean restaurant, and "My Big, Fat, Zombie wedding."

It's the Zombie Cookbook Virtual Book tour!

Check out the invasion schedule:

October 5 Virtual Book Tour de Net  info + tour schedule

October 5 Midlist Writer   review

October 5 It Came From Ryan's Brain; Goodreads review

October 5 Goodreads  review

October 6 New Book News  information

October  One Writer's Journey  review

October 7 Unwriter  review, interview

October 7 One Writer's Journey  interviews

October 8 Virtual Book Tour de Net  interviews

October 8 Joyce Anthony information

October 9 The Writer Apprentice  Interviews

October 9 Lily's News, Reviews and Interviews interviews +

October 9, 10, 11 The Writer Apprentice  interview of ZC authors

October 9, 10 Joyce Anthony interview

October 11 Joyce Anthony  review

October 12 Word of Fennatia review

October 12 Virtual Book Tour de Net  review

October 12 Yes We Can! interview

October 1: If You Give a Girl a Pen Guest blog

October14  Chelle Cordero's XANGA Blog  Interview with Kim Richards

October 14 The Writers Chat Room  guest blog

October 14, 8-11 pm Eastern: The Writers Chat Room join the chat to talk about writing for anthologies

 October 15 Kim Richard's Blogs

October 17: If You Give a Girl a Pen  Review and Interview

October 17: Trent Kinsey Review

October 18  Rites of Romance Reviews information, reviews

October19 Chelle Cordero's XANGA blog  book promo  

October 20 Virtual Book Tour de Net  wrap-up of reviews

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