Thursday, September 29, 2011

my novel's journey: Discovery: In God's Hands

As many of you know, I was in a three-year battle with a Catholic science fiction manuscript called Discovery.  The basic premise is a group of researchers and miners, plus three nuns from the Order of Our Lady of the Rescue, go to explore and alien ship.  They discover a device that lets you see into your own soul, and not everyone handles that well, putting themselves and their shipmates in danger.  How would you handle such a discovery?

This book was a long time coming because it was more than I expected it to be and I wanted to be worthy of the task.  I wanted a strong sci-fi element, strong expressions of Catholic faith, complex characters, and a plot that moved. I had to overcome some intimidation especially where my knowledge of science and my own Catholic faith weren't as sure as I needed them to be. Sometimes, the sheer complexity of handling almost a dozen important characters and 30 named characters overwhelmed me.  However, in August, I finished, and I love the result.

I knew exactly who I wanted to publish it:  Ignatius Press.  They are one of the top Catholic publishers in the United States, possibly the world, and they are just starting to break into genre fiction.  I'd been telling the publisher, Mark Brumley, about this book for years at the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show, where the Catholic Writers' Guild holds its annual live conference.  It was kind of embarrassing to tell him, "I'll get it to you this year," only to have another year pass.  What a relief as well as a joy to print it up and send it their way.

Mid September, I got a facebook message from Mark: Can you send me an e-copy?  Fr. Fessio has the print copy and I want to read it on my Kindle.  What a way to make my day!  So I know Ignatius is looking at it, and even (dare I assume?) eager to consider it.  Now, it's up to the story to impress them.

If Ignatius decides it's not right for them, I'll of course be sad, but I'll also know that I reached for that brass ring and almost made it.  I'll try again with them with something else, I'm sure, and in the meantime find another home.  If they DO accept it, be ready to hear the squeals across the nation.

In the meantime, I'm resisting the urge to bite my nails and make deals with God.  Thy will be done, Lord.  it's in Your hands now.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mini Review: Awesome Lavratt by Ann Wilkes

Synopsis: (from Amazon)
Beautiful Aranna Navna plans to conquer the galaxy one planet at a time. She steals the Awesome Lavratt, a mind control device, from a freighter in Horace Whistlestop’s junkyard. She takes Horace, too. With the Lavratt, Aranna manipulates the thoughts and desires of everyone around her — until she gets to the Emperor of Calistania. Then things go from bad to worse for Aranna. The Lavratt, however, has only just begun! Oh, the fun you can have from a small cube with mind control powers. Travel the galaxy with Tyrantz Lavratt. All puns intended.

Mini Review: This is what my husband calls a "popcorn" book. A quick and fun read, with lots of twists that keep the pace fast. You can tell that Ann's got a real talent for shorter stories because the book reads like episodes in a series. I enjoyed it and am going to have to go back and find some of her short stories now--in fact, I'd love to see a story collection by her...Ann?

(Disclaimer: I bought this book at WorldCon because I was impressed by Ann. I was impressed enough by the book to take time to write a review. So there, government monitors!)

Read Chapter One:

About The Author:

If Ann Wilkes’ alien worlds don’t hook you, her sense of humor will. She has a unique voice that draws the reader into alien realms of danger, intrigue and rollicking adventure. Her science fiction stories have appeared in several online magazines and print anthologies. She’s working on two new novels while still cranking out the short and funny stories that characterize her writing style. Visit her Web site,, for appearance dates, and her ’blog, where you can find her work online.

Purchase from Amazon in print or Kindle:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Reviews for Mind Over Mind

The Mind Over Mind official tour is over, though there are a few stragglers in October.  Here are the reviews I got.

Jennifer Book Reviews,
Rating (1 to 5 *): *****
Mind Over Mind is a very interesting take on science fiction, in that we see very little of the science fiction aspect of the story, and what we do see comes in flashes through Ydrel's dreams. The concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming is a real concept, and it was interesting to read about being used in the book. However, I do wish that more of the story had centered on that and on Ydrel's struggles--I felt Joshua's romance with Sachiko distracted just a bit too much from what I thought the main point of the story was. However, the writing is good, the characters well developed, and the story line is very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing where the next two books in the trilogy go.

Lee Barwood,

Readers will enjoy this book, the first in a trilogy, from the very first page as Ydrel, mired in a memory from a World War II boxcar on its way to a concentration camp, soothes the old man with a vision of his own to free him from his terror and to save his own sanity. From that point on it is an engaging story of a young man coping with phenomena that others don’t believe, but this time with help: Joshua, who decides that whether Ydrel’s alternate worlds are real or not, he needs coping strategies for them because he believes they’re real. And Joshua is resolved to give Ydrel just that, risking running afoul of Dr. Malachai – who does indeed want to keep Ydrel just where he is for a number of reasons.

Nicole Zoltack,

This book was a refreshing read, both fantasy and science fiction or science fantasy. The blending of the two genres was well done, but the best part for me was the character Deryl Stephens. Strong yet unsure, Deryl learns not only how to control his powers, he also learns who exactly he is. Mind Over Mind is the first in a trilogy and a lot of times, the first book tends to just stop and not have a real ending. Mind Over Mind has a satisfying conclusion as it sets up the second book. Thank you, Karina, for a worthwhile and entertaining read.

John Koneski,

Overall, I liked this book. The characters have great chemistry. The three main characters click together like the pieces of a puzzle. The main cast effortlessly operates like a well-oiled machine. Even when the novel crosses over from “mere” telepathy, and into aliens, the book works well, and slides back and forth from one to the other with ease. Even the dialogue with Deryl's alien “handlers” is interesting.

Mind Over Mind has a nice, complex plot. It's not convoluted, and it's easy to follow, even after the introduction of the two alien species, interoffice politics and personality clashes, and a bit of hospital soap opera.

These are the compliments, honest.

There's even a good, solid romantic subplot that, miraculously, does not make me want to acid wash my brain … and that's hard, even on a good day. It was easy and gentle, and there were little to no cliche's … I give a range because that depends greatly on what you may consider a cliché. After all, there are common traits to any bit of developing romance, and if that makes them cliché, well, they are cliché because they're true.

The interesting part is that the most evil character in the entire novel seems to be .... the hospital administrator, who not only believes Deryl's psychic powers, but tries to manipulate Deryl anyway he can. The Master and the ones who ask him for information are antagonists (neither are certainly helpful to Deryl's sanity), but the guy who runs the asylum is an evil little bastard. I'd read the rest of the trilogy just to see if he gets thrown down a mine shaft or something.

Overall, I liked this book. It's a good start for a trilogy, and I suspect the story will only get better when it's complete. Right now, it feels like The Hobbit just waiting for The Lord of the Rings.

Basically, by the time everything is said and done, I want to read more about these characters and where they're going. I suspect you might too.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Introducing: The Government Motors Crapmaster

This idea came from a prompt chat in The Writers Chat Room. It's, of course, perfect for the world of Neeta Lyffe, where the goverment has put out several "fine" automobiles like the Entitlement (which is huge) and the Deficit (whose brakes don't work that well. I'll be putting the Crapmaster in Neeta Lyffe II.

I used to make this, but I am teaching how to make video book trailers at Savvy Authors.Check it out at

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Conference Woman II!

Remember my video about having to wear a hat to conferences so people recognize me?  I'm not alone!  Ann Wilkes talks about being Conference Woman--the woman with the hat.  this video was taken during WorldCon 2012.

Incidentally, I'm reading her book Awesome Lavratt right now, and snickering. Fun read so far, what my husband likes to call "popcorn" books. Fast and fun.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mind Over Mind: E-Mail to Dr. Malachai

Dear Professor Dolfus:

Thank you for your recent submission to Psychic Phenomena. As always, we are fascinated by your work with your client Darcy. We share your frustration over his recent lack of progress. Unfortunately, we fear we must add to that frustration.

Your current report understandably lacks substance, but as a result, we are unable to include it in our next issue. Please keep us informed should Darcy have any breakthroughs.

The editors

Dr. Randall Malachai (aka Professor Dolfus) frowned over the e-mail before closing it. He sat back in his executive chair and drummed his fingers on the wood knobs peeking out from the leather armrests.

So, write back when "Darcy" does something interesting, he translated. He couldn't blame them, of course; he'd had precious little to report over the last six months, and not much for a year.

Ydrel was being obstinate. He, Malachai, would have to do something to shake him up a bit. There was Greg McDougal. Bi-polar, still in denial. His mind was chaos; a few hours in the room next door to Ydrel, and his telepathic client would be willing to do anything to have him moved, Malachai was sure.

Still… Randall pursed his lips. He had to be careful on the timing. With Ydrel's family in town for the boy's birthday, this was not the most opportune time. And there was that new intern of Edith's.

Perhaps…could Joshua Lawson be counted on to stir things up a bit? Perhaps with the carrot of a friend and the possibility of leaving the facility…

Randall's frown turned into a grin, but it was no less calculating than before.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Electronic Skin and Rosary Tattoos

I'm not a big tattoo fan, but I realized when Rob was a missile maintenance commander that they can be useful as well as decorative. He had some folks working in the electronics lab who tattooed their wedding rings so they didn't have to take them off to do repairs. I loved that idea for the rescue sisters, so when they take permanent vows, they get their rings tattooed.

I've always wondered about other jewelry in space, and like the idea of tattooing some things, so Sister Ann has a special tattoo on her wrist: a rosary. But hey--this is the 23rd century! I cant' have an ordinary tattoo. So this oneresponds to commands by leading her through the Mysteries but lighting up and sending a small tingle on each bead. It can also read her moods and "suggest" a rosary mystery for her.

Imagine my delight today when my friend and publisher, Kim Gilcrist posted a link about integrating electronics into your skin.

Reality moves one step closer to fiction. I don't know that I could ever brave the needle, but if I were to ever get a tatt, that's what I want--an electronic rosary.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SA Bolich talks about FIREDANCER and the advice of her editor

This is one of the WorldCon videos I took.  Sue Bolich (SA Bolich) read from FIREDANCER at WorldCon and Rob and I were very impressed at the rich sensory detail.  I asked her about it, and she credited it to the encouragement of her editor.  Here's what she had to say:

Synopsis:  Wind and Fire: A Deadly Combination

Since the Beginning of all, the Fire Clans have fought the Ancient, the elemental fire at the heart of the world, with the binding power of the Firedance.  Suddenly, the Ancient has grown clever and bold, and the Dance has begun to fail. Now fire is running rampant in the village of Annam, where the Delvers mine the precious containment stone that is the only other safeguard against fire. Only Jetta ak'Kal, a failed master, and her partner, the most inept journeyman in all of the Fire Clans, stand in its way.

To Jetta's horror, fire isn't the only danger in Annam. Windriders live there, masters of air, the Ancient's most deadly fuel. With danger riding on every breath of wind, if Jetta fails, no place will be safe from the deadly firestorm... 


This fire was malicious.  Jetta felt it the instant she stepped through the door of the flaming houseplace.  Fear struck her like a raptor, draining her strength as if great claws had pierced all her veins and bled her life away.  Heat blasted the naked skin of her arms and legs; smoke stung her nose. Startled, she took a step sideways, and shied again from hot grit crunching under her bare feet.  She stopped just inside the door, heedless of the flames running up the lintel beside her. Shuddery cold swept through her, for all that the hot breath of the fire was in her face, a reek of charred wood and scorched stone that swept her straight back to a damp spring night laden with screams and the smell of destruction.

I can’t.  Not again.

Fire exploded from the wall on her left.  Jetta spun toward it, and shied back from the sight of white stone crawling with flame, paling rapidly from sullen red to eager gold.  Here was no tame hearth fire escaped from its bondage to take vengeance on its captors.  Only the deep fire, the heartfire of the world, the Old Man himself, could eat stone.

The Ancient was coming.

She retreated a step, shaken so badly that for an instant even her training deserted her.  All she saw was fire writhing in febrile, hungry curtains.  Like last time.  Reaching for last time.  Out of control.  Like last time.

A scream reached her, high and frightened, piercing the laughing roar of the fire like a thin-bladed knife.  She jumped, and all around her fire leaped back.  Jetta spun all the way around.  The fire retreated, uncertain now.
Shame drove through Jetta’s fear.  She took a step—forward, not back.  Fire fled on the right.  She jerked her right hand up, palm out in imperious demand.  The fire recoiled out of reach.  The smothering heat suddenly lessened as though winter had breathed on the flames.  Jetta laughed and stepped into the Dance.

Bare feet ground soot and ash underfoot; the flagstones cool now against her soles.  She shoved off from her right foot into a leap and spin, completely over a knee-high flame trying to sustain itself on bits of a charred chair.  Fear spun away with the turn; Jetta landed on smooth-polished stone and twirled on one foot, arms raised, exulting in the sudden cool rush of power swirling up through her.  All at once the air tasted of damp earth and the green density of living forest.

She stamped an infant flame into non-existence, the smoke of its death curling impotently around her legs.  Step, step, turn, her feet grinding flame underfoot, her arms stretching outward in the demanding arc that drew a line that flame could not cross.  Fire leaped and roared around her, licking eagerly into the air that was its goal, its life, its escape from its prison in the earth.  

Another scream, fainter.  Jetta faltered.  Heat suddenly blasted at her; smoke tasted bitter on her tongue as the sustaining cocoon started to shred around her.  Malicious fire….

Jetta closed her eyes, drawing reassurance from the quicksilver feel of the Dance shivering like a lightning storm along her skin.  It all but shoved her straight up off the littered floor to defy the fire eye to eye where it roared over her head; she moved, a quick step and turn into the heart of it.  Time now was precious, before the fire learned to call its terrible parent.  Now, while a Third Rank master could still hold it alone, now while the Dance ran in her like a flood, the only flood that could tame heartfire.

Training and a lifetime’s conditioning shoved down the memories.  Jetta clapped her hands and pirouetted in place, willing the barriers of the Dance back up around her.  She looked closer at the flames running over the pallid stone, and saw that this was surface fire still, pale, but not yet the white heartfire no water could quench.  She heard no hissing pop of collapsing rock as flame consumed the air in the porous windstone.  This fire was malicious, aye, but as yet it was only the forerunner of the ancient fire that lived in the deepest core of the earth; it was not the foe itself that the Fire Clans had hunted since time began.  The yellow of these flames was well diluted with the base red that spoke of uncertainty.  This fire had not learned—yet—how to use its malice. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mind Over Mind: E-Mail from Joshua

FROM: Joshaham
TO: Riquestar
SUBJ: Wazzup?

Rhode Island is HOT! It's not just hot, it's MUGGY HOT! It's MUGGY HOT and I live in an attic apartment with NO AC. I think this is my parents' way of saying I'd better get with the program or I'll be living in ways I don't want to get accustomed to.

No worries there--SK-Mental rocks. Definitely the Land of the Rich and Looney (and don't ever tell Mom and Dad I said that!), but lots of interesting cases. I'll learn a lot, and it's going to look great on a resume--and I never have to say, "Want to biggie size that?"

The staff is cool, too, even if they are treating me like Edith's pet project. They'll come around. Except for Dr. (Emperor) Randall D. Malachai, insert-alphabet-soup here. Talk about a superiority complex. Control issues, too. I think if I get beyond his own idea of what a young but marginally talented intern is, he'll blow a gasket or squash me fast. But, oh, does everyone love him. So I'm going to have to be careful with him.

I did find out Edith (Dr. Sellars) had an ulterior motive for hiring me. They have a client who's 18--today, in fact--and he's been here for the past five years. Some kind of favor to his uncle, I think. Anyway, guess who's spent his teenage years surrounded by crazy middle-age people? So I'm here for the summer to be his buddy and example of responsible youth. No comments from the peanut gallery.

However, I think I can help Ydrel. (That's what he calls himself; his name is Deryl, and no one wants to spell it that way, like spelling it Darrel would make him different or something.) You know I can't get into specifics, but he's got an interesting delusion, and one I think I can work with, thanks to a steady diet of sci-fi and fantasy. I planted a seed tonight before I left. I'm really hoping something comes from it. Pray, man, okay?

Oh, forgot the best part--there is this nurse. She's funny and gorgeous and she owns a HARLEY. She even said she'd give me a ride. Don't worry--she's like five or six years older than me, and I'm only here for the summer, and I promised you guys that I was going to live a celibate summer. I screwed things up enough thanks to Lattie. I've learned my lesson. Work and music. July can't come soon enough. Audition in NYC! Yeah, baby~! But if she does offer me a ride, I'm taking it. She's got a dragon painted on the tank.

So, anyway, looks like it's going to be an awesome summer. I'm working the chords for Lost in Your Smile. Hope you're enjoying Santa Fe. Give Mommarosa a big kiss for me and tell her I'll write soon.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Trailer for Mind Over Mind

Finally got inspired to create a trailer for Mind Over Mind!

This was probably the hardest video I've created.  For some reason, the theme would not come to me.  I'd been thinking about it for over a year now, and almost went to a paid service to have them do it for me. However, after 10 hours' sleep on Friday night, I woke up with the text the rest was easy.  (Although I have Windows Movie Maker Live.  They've changed the formatting so it's all digital.  I can't just slide pictures to the length I want.  Thus, you see fewer transitions because it messed up the timing.)  Incidentally, the picture of the study I found online in a morgue website--but it's my own study!  Weird.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Announcing My Space Industry Blog!

Yes, because I am a glutton for punishment, and of course have nothing else to do with my time, I have started a new blog, Rocket Science For the Rest of Us.

Am I out of my mind, you ask?  No, no.  Just had some things come to light in the past couple of weeks that have led me here.  The main thing is that Rob will retire in the next few years and wants to go into commercial space.  Now I know a little about the industry--enough to say, "uh-huh" at the right spots when Rob is talking, but I want to be able to talk space should Rob's career goals take off.  Also, I just finished my first science fiction novel, Discovery, and I want to write more along those lines, but I need to be more space smart.  I suppose I could just read up, but if I have to blog, it becomes more of a priority.  I do well with deadlines and the illusion, at least, that people are expecting something from me. Finally, I wanted to find something to blog about outside of writing and my stories.

At any rate, this blog will be very different from FabianSpace.  I'll be explaining a lot of scientific and political issues dealing with space, and once a week, I'll summarize a news article about the industry that has caught my eye.  I'm also up for questions!

Please check out Rocket Science for the Rest of Us and if this is something that will interest you, follow and comment.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Are you a writer? Sheesh!

I found this quote floating around facebook:
If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.

Does this tick anybody else off? Why is it artists (or should I say "ar-tee-sts" should be insecure, sensitive ninnies in order to be real? And yet, I see this stereotype (and others like it) from many different sources.

Insecurity and fear do not make a person a writer. Would a architect be scared to death of their craft? Would a scientist go to their friends and ask, "Am I really a scientist?" Why, then, are writers and artists lumped into this neurosis of self-doubt?

Insecurity and fear don't make you a better writer, either. Obviously, hubris is not a good thing, yet there are plenty of writers who have succumbed to that and yet are still writers. However, confidence is definitely a necessary requirement for the writing craft. How else would we ever submit something or even write a blog if we didn't think we were good enough to get read? In fact, the better writers have a lot of self-confidence. What else enables them to accept rejection, shrug it off and move on?

I'm not saying writers are all egoists or that we aren't afraid of making the grade. I have a friend who is an excellent writer. Before meeting with a big NYC agent (who recruited her, no less) she told me that she felt like her story was too stupid to discuss, but that she always felt that way about her stories before they were done. Did she doubt her identity as a writer? Of course not. Even more, she may have had doubts about the story, but they did not paralyze her. She sought his feedback on the story. In the meantime, she WROTE and rewrote and submitted and published and taught writing. That's what writers do when faced with a story or article or book that intimidates them--they write; they edit; they learn what they need to learn. They WORK to be worthy of the story. They don't go around asking their friends for meaningless affirmations.

What's it take to be a writer then? The ability to tell a story. A basic grasp of grammar and story structure. A willingness to learn. Most of all, the dedication to put words on paper and the bravery to send those words to someone else to publish or the gumption to put the real effort into publishing them yourself.

If you find yourself wasting time stressing about whether you are "really a writer" and not writing your stories/books/articles, editing them, getting crits, and submitting them, then you are not a writer. Go find something else that gives you a feeling of identity. And clear the field for those of us who know what we are.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Mind Over Mind: Letter from Deryl

Dear Mom,

I'm 18 today. Legal to vote, legal to go to war--

That is, if I weren't committed in this asylum.

I don't blame Aunt Kate and Uncle Doug. Things were so confusing for so long. There were days I could barely hang onto my own name. There were too many other thoughts, too many personalities that wanted to impress themselves on me. How do you explain that to people without sounding crazy? Who was going to believe that I was psychic?

You would have. You'd have tried to help me. Why did you have to die? You saved my life that day, but for what?

I'm sorry, Mom. That's not fair. You didn't want to die. I'm sorry.

So, anyway. Eighteen today. We had a party. It was dismal. The cake was chocolate because Aunt Kate believes that normal people love chocolate. She's pregnant again--this child will live, I know it. I told her, too, but I don't know if she believed me. Uncle Doug snuck in some liquor, which Dr. Edith promptly confiscated. Still, it was the first time in a long time he's treated me with something other than pity or concern. Guess that means a lot, considering. Oh, and Edith got me something--a new friend. Not a dog or anything, but an intern. Joshua Lawson. He's arrogant, but I don't think he's a jerk. Just very, very sure of himself. Guess I'll be taking him down a peg or two.

I'll tell him the truth about my abilities. He won't believe me, but he'll pretend to--it's part of his psychiatric technique, neuro-linguistic programming. Like I'm a computer. But who knows? Maybe it will work. Heaven knows medication and meditation have done oh-so well. If it does, I'll have to hide it, though; Malachai likes his little guinea pig under his control. Gonna be an interesting summer.

Still, I hope it works. I need to get out of here, one way or another. Even if I skip the country and live my life on a deserted island, at least it will be my life, right? Who needs people, anyway? People are just headaches and confusion.

I don't know why I'm writing this, other than I promised Edith I would. She promised she wouldn't read it, but I'm going to burn it, anyway. Let's face it--psychic powers, "take him down a peg," not to mention the stuff about Malachai. I sound crazy, violent and paranoid. Just like you'd expect a committed teen to act, right?

Anyway, I feel Joshua coming down the hall. Edith actually let him sneak out the booze. I'm not legal drinking age, anymore, but I guess if I can't go to war or vote, right? I'll toast you, Mom. I love you and I miss you. I am grateful that you gave me life. Don't worry; I'll figure out what to do with it.


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Announcing the Mind Over Mind Book Tour!

Guys, I'm really excited about this one for several reasons. I wrote this years ago and had been seeking a publisher for it for a long time. It's my first truly serious fantasy novel to be published and the cover is so amazing, I get happy just looking at it!

Thanks to all who are participating in the tour! Please check them out. These are some terrific bloggers.

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