Thursday, September 15, 2011

Electronic Skin and Rosary Tattoos

I'm not a big tattoo fan, but I realized when Rob was a missile maintenance commander that they can be useful as well as decorative. He had some folks working in the electronics lab who tattooed their wedding rings so they didn't have to take them off to do repairs. I loved that idea for the rescue sisters, so when they take permanent vows, they get their rings tattooed.

I've always wondered about other jewelry in space, and like the idea of tattooing some things, so Sister Ann has a special tattoo on her wrist: a rosary. But hey--this is the 23rd century! I cant' have an ordinary tattoo. So this oneresponds to commands by leading her through the Mysteries but lighting up and sending a small tingle on each bead. It can also read her moods and "suggest" a rosary mystery for her.

Imagine my delight today when my friend and publisher, Kim Gilcrist posted a link about integrating electronics into your skin.

Reality moves one step closer to fiction. I don't know that I could ever brave the needle, but if I were to ever get a tatt, that's what I want--an electronic rosary.

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Amanda Borenstadt said...

That's way cool! :)