Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mini Review: Awesome Lavratt by Ann Wilkes

Synopsis: (from Amazon)
Beautiful Aranna Navna plans to conquer the galaxy one planet at a time. She steals the Awesome Lavratt, a mind control device, from a freighter in Horace Whistlestop’s junkyard. She takes Horace, too. With the Lavratt, Aranna manipulates the thoughts and desires of everyone around her — until she gets to the Emperor of Calistania. Then things go from bad to worse for Aranna. The Lavratt, however, has only just begun! Oh, the fun you can have from a small cube with mind control powers. Travel the galaxy with Tyrantz Lavratt. All puns intended.

Mini Review: This is what my husband calls a "popcorn" book. A quick and fun read, with lots of twists that keep the pace fast. You can tell that Ann's got a real talent for shorter stories because the book reads like episodes in a series. I enjoyed it and am going to have to go back and find some of her short stories now--in fact, I'd love to see a story collection by her...Ann?

(Disclaimer: I bought this book at WorldCon because I was impressed by Ann. I was impressed enough by the book to take time to write a review. So there, government monitors!)

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About The Author:

If Ann Wilkes’ alien worlds don’t hook you, her sense of humor will. She has a unique voice that draws the reader into alien realms of danger, intrigue and rollicking adventure. Her science fiction stories have appeared in several online magazines and print anthologies. She’s working on two new novels while still cranking out the short and funny stories that characterize her writing style. Visit her Web site,, for appearance dates, and her ’blog, where you can find her work online.

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Ann Wilkes said...

Thanks for the review. In fact, the book was originally a serialized story never intended as a book. Long story. Anyway, I've been trying to write more, but the only way I can keep it true is to write it in short bits again. I'm working on it. :) And an unrelated short story collection will happen eventually.