Friday, September 09, 2011

Announcing My Space Industry Blog!

Yes, because I am a glutton for punishment, and of course have nothing else to do with my time, I have started a new blog, Rocket Science For the Rest of Us.

Am I out of my mind, you ask?  No, no.  Just had some things come to light in the past couple of weeks that have led me here.  The main thing is that Rob will retire in the next few years and wants to go into commercial space.  Now I know a little about the industry--enough to say, "uh-huh" at the right spots when Rob is talking, but I want to be able to talk space should Rob's career goals take off.  Also, I just finished my first science fiction novel, Discovery, and I want to write more along those lines, but I need to be more space smart.  I suppose I could just read up, but if I have to blog, it becomes more of a priority.  I do well with deadlines and the illusion, at least, that people are expecting something from me. Finally, I wanted to find something to blog about outside of writing and my stories.

At any rate, this blog will be very different from FabianSpace.  I'll be explaining a lot of scientific and political issues dealing with space, and once a week, I'll summarize a news article about the industry that has caught my eye.  I'm also up for questions!

Please check out Rocket Science for the Rest of Us and if this is something that will interest you, follow and comment.

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