Monday, September 19, 2011

Mind Over Mind: E-Mail to Dr. Malachai

Dear Professor Dolfus:

Thank you for your recent submission to Psychic Phenomena. As always, we are fascinated by your work with your client Darcy. We share your frustration over his recent lack of progress. Unfortunately, we fear we must add to that frustration.

Your current report understandably lacks substance, but as a result, we are unable to include it in our next issue. Please keep us informed should Darcy have any breakthroughs.

The editors

Dr. Randall Malachai (aka Professor Dolfus) frowned over the e-mail before closing it. He sat back in his executive chair and drummed his fingers on the wood knobs peeking out from the leather armrests.

So, write back when "Darcy" does something interesting, he translated. He couldn't blame them, of course; he'd had precious little to report over the last six months, and not much for a year.

Ydrel was being obstinate. He, Malachai, would have to do something to shake him up a bit. There was Greg McDougal. Bi-polar, still in denial. His mind was chaos; a few hours in the room next door to Ydrel, and his telepathic client would be willing to do anything to have him moved, Malachai was sure.

Still… Randall pursed his lips. He had to be careful on the timing. With Ydrel's family in town for the boy's birthday, this was not the most opportune time. And there was that new intern of Edith's.

Perhaps…could Joshua Lawson be counted on to stir things up a bit? Perhaps with the carrot of a friend and the possibility of leaving the facility…

Randall's frown turned into a grin, but it was no less calculating than before.

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