Monday, September 12, 2011

Mind Over Mind: E-Mail from Joshua

FROM: Joshaham
TO: Riquestar
SUBJ: Wazzup?

Rhode Island is HOT! It's not just hot, it's MUGGY HOT! It's MUGGY HOT and I live in an attic apartment with NO AC. I think this is my parents' way of saying I'd better get with the program or I'll be living in ways I don't want to get accustomed to.

No worries there--SK-Mental rocks. Definitely the Land of the Rich and Looney (and don't ever tell Mom and Dad I said that!), but lots of interesting cases. I'll learn a lot, and it's going to look great on a resume--and I never have to say, "Want to biggie size that?"

The staff is cool, too, even if they are treating me like Edith's pet project. They'll come around. Except for Dr. (Emperor) Randall D. Malachai, insert-alphabet-soup here. Talk about a superiority complex. Control issues, too. I think if I get beyond his own idea of what a young but marginally talented intern is, he'll blow a gasket or squash me fast. But, oh, does everyone love him. So I'm going to have to be careful with him.

I did find out Edith (Dr. Sellars) had an ulterior motive for hiring me. They have a client who's 18--today, in fact--and he's been here for the past five years. Some kind of favor to his uncle, I think. Anyway, guess who's spent his teenage years surrounded by crazy middle-age people? So I'm here for the summer to be his buddy and example of responsible youth. No comments from the peanut gallery.

However, I think I can help Ydrel. (That's what he calls himself; his name is Deryl, and no one wants to spell it that way, like spelling it Darrel would make him different or something.) You know I can't get into specifics, but he's got an interesting delusion, and one I think I can work with, thanks to a steady diet of sci-fi and fantasy. I planted a seed tonight before I left. I'm really hoping something comes from it. Pray, man, okay?

Oh, forgot the best part--there is this nurse. She's funny and gorgeous and she owns a HARLEY. She even said she'd give me a ride. Don't worry--she's like five or six years older than me, and I'm only here for the summer, and I promised you guys that I was going to live a celibate summer. I screwed things up enough thanks to Lattie. I've learned my lesson. Work and music. July can't come soon enough. Audition in NYC! Yeah, baby~! But if she does offer me a ride, I'm taking it. She's got a dragon painted on the tank.

So, anyway, looks like it's going to be an awesome summer. I'm working the chords for Lost in Your Smile. Hope you're enjoying Santa Fe. Give Mommarosa a big kiss for me and tell her I'll write soon.


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