Friday, May 26, 2006


Welcome to FabianEclectic. I intend to make this blog live up to its name, so you'll find a variety of things: parenting, slices of life from my family, what I'm writing, cool sites I've seen, homeschooling tips, Christianity and Catholicism, pet peeves--even answers to your questions! (Be clean and not insulting, please.) The only criterion is that it interests me. Actually, I'm lying--bad me!--because I hope to have my dear, wonderful and brilliant husband, Rob, blog here, too, and may even let my kids make entries. You'll probably see the latest in space news, Alex's impossible creatures, or Steven's opinions on Yugioh cards. Amber may make a plea to save the wolves or present her modest pre-teen fashion tips, and who knows? Maybe five-year-old Liam will have something to say. I do promise they'll be interesting, at least to us. I can't be responsible for you. :) What I can do is have a set list of headers, so you'll know at a glance what to expect:
About Me (my writing, latest publication, etc. I'll not to bore you with my personal problems.)
Help (I'd like your input)
Reviews (Books, music, etc. Whatever interests me at the time.)


Shaun Kenney said...


Shaun Kenney said...
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Mary H. said...

Hi, just came over after reading your post at CWO. You asked for comments about your website so I'll just mention that for some reason there is an incredible amount of white space between title of your blog entry, "Welcome," and the actual text. I don't know if it's just me. I using a Mac and my web browser if Safari.

Andrew said...

Hi there!
Cool front page. Ya gotta love the logo with a dragon. :D I saw you post on Christian_Fic2 so yeah... I had to go and look :-) Being addicted to fantasy is a good thing so it's good to squeak in some time for BOOKS. YUP! Doesn't dull the mind either. BTW - I was homeschooled in High School so know how that is like somewhat. I've been to all 3 types of schools. Private, Public and Homeschool. I can't say which is best. *shrug* They all have good and bad parts depending on how one looks. Anyway, I think I'll shut up now before this turns into more than a comment :-)
Seeya, Andy/Firrle
(Firrle is a fire dragon)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations--I have a blog too but it's for family and friends (pictures, etc)

One of these days I'll join you guys over here! You're family is going to do a great job here!

Regards from Chris at Christian-Fic2