Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Computer: 4 stages of grief

Rob's Alienware computer has passed on from our world to the great VR in the sky. Rob has undergone the stages of grief:
Denial: "NOOOOOO!!!!!"
Anger: "Why, oh, why did I think I knew how to modify the RAID array! And where the $#^%! Are the files in this so-called recovery disk?!"
Acceptance: "It's dead, Jim. I am the proud owner of a $2500 paperweight."
Hope: "Ooooo! Hey, Kitten, look at this cool Digital Storm System I can order! I wonder if I can upgrade to...."

There's one more stage of grief, not often discussed in the brochures--Aqusition. That's when I start going through the first four stages.

Postscript: Rob loves his new Digital Storm and was able to cannibalize his Alienware for its RAM and hard drives (for use as external memory storage systems). Now the keyboard on my two-year-old Dell is going kooky. Please don't make me go through this again!

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