Saturday, July 22, 2006

WRITING: Update on my works

I got an e-mail from a publisher wanting to see the manuscript for Leaps of Faith, the Christian SF Anthology Rob and I put together. (Check out the summary in my BOOKS page). I won't say any more until I hear back, but please pray that this will be the year Leaps gets accepted by a publisher!

I'm also hosting a workshop called "Faith in Fiction" for a free conference in October. Check out the conference at

Magic, Mensa, and Mayhem had its second installment in The Prairie Dawg, the magazine of the North Dakota Mensa Club. It's another Dragon Eye, PI story, and I'm having a lot of fun putting a lot of "real" Faerie folk in Disneyworld. Next episode, Vern is mistaken for a carnival ride. In Episode 4, Coyote (of Native American legend) makes his appearance. (He cheated on the Mensa test, but just to see if he could, and he's at the convention to talk about "thinking outside the box.")

My article on the Catholic Faith in Science Fiction is out in Hereditas.

I'm still looking for an agent that handles fantasy/SF. Any recommendations? :-)

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