Monday, January 14, 2008

Please Vote for Infinite Space, Infinite God, and check out the ISIG II guidelines

Infinite Space, Infinite God is in an exciting neck-and-neck race with Dreams and Desires for Preditors and Editors Best Anthology of 2007. Please help us push into first by voting for Infinite Space, Infinite God today! (Polls close on Jan 15.)

Go to You may see it listed more than once, but just vote for either one. They'll get it straightened out in the end.

For you writers of science fiction: Infinite Space, Infinite God is getting a lot of rave reviews from readers to journals like St. Anthony Messenger to sites like SFRevu. Even better, however is when your publisher says, "Let's do another!"

Infinite Space, Infinite God II is open for submissions. We're looking for high-quality science fiction with a Catholic viewpoint. We want to see faith and science working together, challenging each other and making the world a better place. Explore those theological "What Ifs" (but stay within the Church's teaching). Give us characters that are real, situations that are exciting and stories that keep us turning the pages.

For full guidelines, check out It's very thorough, including tips on what we will reject, and the synopses of stories from the original Infinite Space, Infinite God.

Deadline is March 31.

Vote now, and write on!

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