Sunday, March 02, 2008

Darths, Droids, and Readers' Theater

When I was growing up, I had a couple of Star Wars posters in my room. I'd doctored them up with jokes and the characters saying silly things. Whenever I felt sad, I would look at those posters and laugh. They stayed up for years until we moved.

In January, a friend introduced me to a kindred spirit: the writer of Darths and Droids. Here's someone with too much humor to keep to himself and probably too much time on his hands, but I'm glad he's spending it on this and sharing it with the world.

As I was howling at some of the one-liners, I realized the rest of my family would love it. We'd recently set up our new TV to take input from the internet--Rob's Christmas present--so one evening, we pulled it up on the big screen. Everyone took a part and we had a reader's theater.

We laughed for about 2 hours--56 pages worth. Liam, our youngest and until this year a VERY reluctant reader, took some of the harder parts. We had to help him with some of the words, but he loved it and was mad when we came to the end. We'd have to caution our oldest from scanning instead of reading the words, but some of his snafus were as funny as the cartoon.

We've been holding off until we had a chunk of entries to read. Tonight's the night. I can hardly wait.

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Andrew Coker said...

Hi - I'm one of the writers of Darths & Droids! (It's actually written by a group of people) This story is really lovely to hear - thanks for sharing it. I hope you still get the opportunity to enjoy the comic in this very cool way.