Thursday, May 15, 2008

On Cats and Lolcatz

(Busy day--I'll tell you more about the conference Monday.)

I have a wonderful cat, Elbereth, patron saint of harried cats and Queen of the Fabian Household (All Hail!)

She schmoozed her way into our home 11 years ago by climbing up on Rob's chest and giving him the "happy claws" massage while purring and butting her head under his chin. Rob does not like cats. She changed his mind fast. "It's the cat that thinks its a dog! Honey, let's keep her."

I love cats. Didn't have to ask me twice.

Now, of course, she's shown her full cat side, from taking over the office chairs to peeing on the laundry when her catbox does not meet her standards. Of course, Rob's now assimilated into the mysteries of Cat. She also likes to pose next to my keyboard when I type, or if she believes she's due some homage, get between me and the keyboard.

So it's probably no surprise that we fully identify with Lolcatz.

Lolcats are so popular, people are even translating the Bible into Lolcat. (Can you say, "too much free time?"

Today, a friend and I were talking about casting out demons and text messaging. (Yep one of those kinds of conversations) and I came up with Lolcat Exorcist

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