Friday, October 31, 2008

Touring Two Books in November!

I'm touring two books this month!

Leaps of Faith is an anthology of Christian sci-fi that Rob and I edited. It was an EPPIE finalist in 2004 and is now in print from The Writers Cafe Press. Here are the dates of places touring:

Over the next month, Leaps of Faith is touring the blogsphere. My husband and I edited this anthology of Christian sci-fi, which was a finalist for the EPPIE award in 2002 for best anthology when out in e-book and is now available in print.

I'll be doing some special posts during the week and here's where you can find more:

1 Book Info and Interview with Editors Free Spirit
1 Author's Interview and Book Info Time with Tannia
3-9 information, reviews, interview Christian Fiction Review Blog Roll
2 Book Information Tree-lady
2 synopsis of some of stories Cathi's Chatter
3 Interview with Karina Bibliophile's Retreat
3 review Cathi's Chatter
4 Interview with Susanne Bibliophile's Retreat
5 book trailer Cathi's Chatter
5 Information, Interview Joy in the Journey
7 (Review) Bibliophile's Retreat
12 (Interviews) Review Hutch
13 (Interviews) The Book Connection
14 (Interviews) The Book Connection

NEXT, is Firestorm of Dragons. This one features my story "DragonEye, PI," which starts the Vern stories!

All month, the fantasy anthology, Firestorm of Dragons is touring the blogsphere. We'll be doing some special blogs on it next week, but in the meantime, here's the list of who is featuring interviews, reviews and more:

1 (Authors and Characters Interview) Time with Tannia
1 (book Information) Tree Lady
3 (character interview) The Book Connection
3 (Information) Interview Joy in the Journey
5 (summary) Brenda Weaver
6 (Summary) Kim Richards on Live Journal
6 (summary) Kim Richards on My Space
6 (summary) Kim Richards on Blogger
10 (character interview) The Book Connection
13 (Kim Richards Interview) Bibliophile's Retreat
14 (Review of Anthology) Bibliophile's Retreat
15 (summary) Cathi's Chatter
16 (review) Cathi's Chatter
17 (character interview) The Book Connection
20 (book trailer) Cathi's Chatter
22 (Bios/book information) Books and Authors
24 (Karina Fabian and Vern Interview) Bibliophile's Retreat
25 (Sandra Ulbrich Interview) Bibliophile's Retreat

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