Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's the Infinite Space, Infinite God II Book Tour!

Twelve science fiction stories featuring Catholic heroes. Meet a time traveler who sacrifices his life to give a man a sip of water, and the nun who faces venomous snakes to save a friend. Share the adventures of priests who battle aliens and machines in order serve the greater good.

Infinite Space, Infinite God II spans the gamut of science fiction, from near-future dystopias to time travel to space opera, puzzles of logic to laugh-out-loud humor and against-the-clock suspense. A great read for any science fiction fan--a must-read for the Catholic sci-fi lover.

Tour places and dates:
18-Nov Tour schedule, info
20-Nov Writing Faith-Filled Fiction
21-Nov Interview
22-Nov Interview
23-Nov Review
23-Nov Interview
24-Nov Interview
25-Nov Interview
26-Nov Interview
29-Nov Interview
29-Nov http:// About Karina's stories
30-Nov Karina Talks about the stories
1-Dec Interview
2-Dec Interview
2-Dec http:// About Contributors' stories
3-Dec What is Catholic Fiction?
3-Dec Interview
4-Dec Interview
5-Dec Interview with Contributors
6-Dec Information
6-Dec http:// Reviews


Amanda Borenstadt said...

Yippee, happy touring! :)

Jan Verhoeff said...

The tour is on over at ACE Writers Spotlight ( and I'm excited to be able to promote this book. I've read short stories by this duo before and never been less than fully satisfied with the read. I look forward to receiving a copy of this anthology too.