Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Novel's Journey: Brainstorm

This week was spent trying to clear out my to-do box while I waited for critiques (of which I received a crit on the first couple of chapters. Sigh.) Anyway, just because I wasn't writing does not mean the brain wasn't working, and I'm jut dumping the ideas here for grins:

Mind Over Matter: I don't have a good connection between Joshua's music and Deryl's sanity. (Yes, there's a link.) Need to put it in, and I think I can do it in two sentences! I also want to make the rap scene a little more tense, so I'm going to have Joshua blank out at the wrong moment, and Tasmae push him into getting creative--hence, the rap. (Yeah, I know, this doesn't make sense unless you read the story. Just go with it.)

Neeta Lyffe: Gonna add some voodoo. Zombie Exterminator Marcel Chelemas has a thing for Neeta and wants to get Ted out of the way, so he makes a voodoo doll. When Neeta discovers this, she does what any good girlfriend would do--kicks Chelemas where it hurts most, then scrambles for the doll. They'll be in a knock-down-drag-out fight when Neeta get's a 9-1-1 call on a zombie, and the two drop their fight to go after the undead.

Ted is going to show his goofy-genius. I never realized he had a little Inspector Clouseau in him.

Mind Over Spirit: This is the third book in the Mind Over trilogy, and I've been playing with it in my head--mostly trying to figure out how to get Deryl back to earth where he can meet up with Joshua and Sachiko. The terrible winter here has given me some ideas. I may close down the east coast for a couple of days. I also decided that Sachiko is going to have started out interning to be an OB, then want to change to surgery, which will be a source of tension between her and Joshua, because it means more time in school and putting off starting their family, which he's anxious to do. The real question in the plot line for me is whether Deryl meets Perry again (Perry is the kid he almost killed telepathically which led to his getting committed in the first place.) I want them to, because I think it'd be good for Deryl, but I'm not sure the plot is going to bend enough for it. Maybe Deryl need to keep this pain so he can better help his archenemy, Alugiac.

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