Monday, March 21, 2011

Progress on Domestic Goddess Goals

Here it is, March, and I thought I'd give you all an update on my domestic goddess goals, mostly because Rob ran across this cartoon on and said, "This used to be us!"

The biggest one for me this year was to cook at home more often. We are terrible about fast food mainly because I get too involved in writing and forget to prepare anything, then get lazy and ask Rob to grab burgers on the way home. This year, I wanted to try new recipes and cook at home five or six mights a week (we like to go to a restaurant on the weekend, and usually catch fast food or pizza at least one night because of lessons, etc.)

So far, I've not tried any new recipes, nor has anyone really cared about it. However, I am doing very well at having a dinner ready. The crock pot has especially been my friend with this. Sometimes, I even put a roast to cook in it and leave it for days--fantastic! What's even nicer is that we've rediscovered "leftovers soup." For the beef, anyway; only Amber and I prefer my chicken soup of Campbell's, alas. That's OK. The chicken is great for salads and sandwiches, and the broth can be used for cooking the next chicken--or tossing into the beef soup.

The Flylady regime continues to go well--in fact, my supercleaner mom came over for a week and told me she was bored one day when I left her home to run errands because there wasn't anything to clean.

The dining room chairs, as you know are recovered--and we made a matching valance, table runner and pot holders, plus 10 napkins!

Reading Scripture and praying daily still isn't 100 percent, but I'm much better than last year.

We're still working on the kids and homework thing. They are reminded daily as part of their Fabulous Five; and I check for missing assignments each Wednesday and track grades each Friday. We have the teachers helping us to help Steven learn to better track his assignments. He's always been scatterbrained that way.

The credit card thing has not gone as well as I'd hoped, since the boys took up skiing. However, between credit card debt and finding a sport all my men love, I'll take the sport! They all need the physical outlet and it's bringing them closer together. Some things are worth the debt. However, we are working to cut down on incidentals--like fast food--so that's helping, as is my selling more stories.

Of course, exercise is my other downfall. My arm, after showing some great improvement, took a turn downward again; this time in a new, weird spot. So more physical therapy and more being careful with the sword. However, I have no excuse for not doing the daily workouts other than I just get lazy.

Gotta work on the laundry and cooking thing with the kids. I actually forgot I'd set that goal.


Lisa Lawmaster Hess said...

Sounds as though you are progressing nicely toward domestic goddess status! Hope you cut yourself some slack this week so you could enjoy the conference!

Karina Fabian said...

We had MAJOR slack this week. Even the foods I prepared haven't been eaten!