Monday, November 28, 2011

God Smiles on the Bonnie Isle + Christmas Spirits

I'm trying something new.

I've started a serial story, Christmas Spirits, a DragonEye, PI Christmas mystery.  this is Vern and Sister Grace's first Christmas together, and Grace is having a hard time of it.  to make things worse, a real estate developer wants to buy out their home (and most of the neighborhoods of Territory under eminent domain and turn the whole area into a shopping district.  When a hunted theater starts threatening him, Vern and Grace have to put their feelings aside and solve the mystery before the Ghosts of Christmas become the Angels of Death.

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There are several issues addressed in the story, including caring for the less fortunate.  That's why I'm doing this serial story as a fundraiser.  I'm taking donations for Food for the Poor.  This is a wonderful organization we've given to for years.  During Christmas, they send a catalog of things you can buy in order to help the poor--like baby chicks, school supplies, livestock, even houses.   Won't you help Vern buy a dairy cow for a poor family?

In the meantime, someone sent this to Grace and she thought this is just how the Irish believe the weather should be.

God smiles on the bonnie Isle.

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Walt said...

Which is why no one wants to be downwind of the Emerald Isle.