Monday, June 11, 2012

99 Reddened Lines

I'm taking June off to go to Virginia and Disneyworld with the family before Rob deploys, so today, I present you with a song parody for writers!

To 99 Red Balloons,

Sitting at my writers desk
I send my story; it was my best
Said a prayer one last time
Then I get a glass of wine…

When I get back, email soft ware
Flashes the message, something’s got here.
Grab your pen and stand by
99 Reddened Lines go by

Pen solo—scratch scratch
Keyboard and mouse join in

99 reddened lines
Tearing up my manuscript
Panic bells--it’s red alert
This editing is gonna hurt
The printer now has sprung to life
Kiss the color cartridge bye
Trying so hard not to cry
As 99 reddened lines go by

Printer solo, punctuated by gasps and “noooo!” “What?”

99 of purple prose
99 gripes, “What are those?”
To worry over metaphors
To scratch out adverbs by the score

This is what I waited for?
Take this out? Oh, that means war!
Does the editor think she’s so sly?
As 99 reddened lines go by.

Keyboard solo, with a feeling of acceptance flowing through

99 times to get high
On creative juices ever flowing
I can write as good as King
I can make this better yet!
The editor’s identified
Clarified and classified
Scrambling to make it fly
As 99 reddened lines go by!

Fast keyboard solo--clackaclacka
99 dreams I have had
And every one with reddened lines
It’s all over, the books sitting pretty
And take time to pet my kitty
If I could find a souvenir
Just to prove my prose is clear
And here is a red-lined page
I think of you
And let it go.

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