Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Writer's Journey: Serial Stories and New Ideas

I have this bad habit of making my life more complicated.

First, take a look at this sweetheart.  I agreed to foster him over Labor Day Weekend, but he's made himself so at home, he's still here and we might keep him permanently.  The cat is not happy, but the kids sure are.  Frankly, she's not happy about Toby, who still thinks she should play with him and does not understand hiss-slap-on-the-nose.

I'm wrapping up the details of the charity fundraiser for the victims of the Colorado Fires.  Someone mentioend to me that the Red Cross will not dedicate donations, but put them in a common pot.  I need to check on this and if that's true, then I'll find a different charity to give the money to.  In the meantime, I've mailed off six books to the folks who donated $25 or more, and am working on a cover so I can send them the novella that I ran in serial.

Speaking of novella, I saw a post on Facebook from Sarah-Jane Lehoux that she was trying something new--pre-made book covers for $30 each.  You'd give her the text to put in, and she'd customize the cover and give it to you, all rights.  I thought it was clever and went to check them out and saw the most awesome cover for a DragonEye novella.

I'd been toying with the idea of self-publishing the novellas on Kindle, and this cover has pushed me over the edge.  As you can see, I bought it.  Now I need to figure the rest out.  Don't know if the rest are sold, but you can check them out at

So, who wants to read about Vern taking on Neo-Nazi cultists?

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