Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Favor to ask on behalf of wounded vets and zombie lovers

Dear friends,

My fundraiser story, “Shambling in a Winter Wonderland” has raised $178 so far for Operation Homefront, but has stalled again.  Would you give me a belated Christmas present?  If you have friends or fans who enjoy zombies, humor, horror (of the Zombieland variety) or helping charities or wounded vets, would you please copy the message below and share it with your social networks? The last line is 136 characters and can be used as a tweet.

Zombies on skis?  That’s worth a read—and a chance to help a wounded soldier’s family.  My friend, Karina Fabian, is publishing her humorous zombie novella, “Shambling in a Winter Wonderland” at  Neeta and Ted are zombie exterminators trying to take a vacation on the slopes of Utah, but when a ski/snowboard team comes back from the dead, they get hired to  put them back under.  There’s excitement, humor, romance, and shredding with the undead!

This is more than a fun story, however;  Karina is using it to raise funds for Operation Homefront, which provides emergency financial aid to wounded members of the armed forces and to their families.   The story is free, but Karina has a donate button on the website.  Enjoy the story and if you would like to help out, donate as little as a dollar.  For every $10 in donations she gets, she’ll post the next episode (or if she gets $500 total, she’ll post it all.)  She is also offering books for bigger donations.  However, EVERYCENT GOES TO OPERATION HOMEFRONT.    

Tweet:  If you enjoy zombies, skiing, funny horror, or helping others, visit , check out the story  & donate.

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