Monday, September 23, 2013

Mini Review: Kindle Book Millionaire

This book covers aspects of writing, self-publishing, and marketing Kindle books, form choosing your topic to what words to include in your title, even tips for making a teaser that sells.  Rayappan is not a fiction author, but a writer and a businessman, who at the beginning at least, hired people to write the books he then sold on Kindle.  Thus, his focus is making the book high visibility on Amazon, especially Kindle Direct.  Non Fiction writers will get more out of this book than fiction writers, as some of his techniques may not work.  (For example, he suggests 5 percent of your words in a description need to be keywords.  So, a marathon book should use the word "marathon" five out of every 100 words.  A good and effective idea if the book is about running a marathon, but imagine saying "marathon" five times in a one-paragraph teaser for a romance starring a marathon runner.)

If you get this book, definitely read it with a notebook or open file to take notes.  (BTW, he's not a millionaire, but does claim to earn about $2700/month on his books.)

Pruchase it on Kindle:

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