Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mini-Review: Konig's Fire by Marc Schooley

I've been invited to do a blog hop next week, so instead of posting some of my writing today, I'm sharing a review of this awesome book. Great for Halloween reading.

Summary:  They Called Me Nebuchadnezzar

The Nazis have established a torture center in a mine at the heart of a Romanian forest. Here they interrogate prisoners and, sometimes, throw them into the furnace at the heart of the mine.

Only now, the primeval forest is rising against them, unleashing a preternatural army to besiege the great iron gate of the mine. The fearsome guards become terrified prisoners and the furnace itself burns with hungry anger against them.

Sascha König, a man they called Nebuchadnezzar, is their only hope. He is master of the furnace. All along, he has been Hitler’s ardent servant. But now...König is wrestling with demons of his own, and the Master of all fires is calling him to Himself through the haunting eyes of a little gypsy girl König did not save.

Purchase on Amazon:önigs-Fire-ebook/dp/B0047DW6EE

Mini-Review: A great read for Halloween because it is creepy in the extreme.  Marc has woven a chilling tale where evil is physically manifested in  the natural world.  Horror worthy of a Stephen King novel mix with the real horrors of a Nazi concentration camp.  Nonetheless, there is an underlying theme of redemption which grows with the story.  Be warned: the protagonist is not immediately likeable, or his own redemption quick and easy.  That was part of the draw for me, although my husband tired quickly of Konig's cowardice.  I say stick with it; the payoff at the end is worth it.

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