Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How Real World People Lose Weight: Johnny Cash Returns!

You know, the nice thing about being in a loosely structured class like circuit training is that there's a lot of opportunity for fun, and I'm very blessed to have a trainer like Ryion Butcher who is all about making it fun.

Now, music is a big factor in working out.  It can drive you to push harder or it can slow you down.  Sometimes, it can drive you away.  Some of us older crowd have issues with the angry rap or the pop music.  when it's a big group, we make some compromises, usually good-natured mocking or "Ryion, please skip that song!" variety (and usually we all agree on those).  One gentleman, Bill, who is an absolute riot anyway, has been for a month saying "We need Johnny Cash!" and everyone laughs it off.

Last Tuesday, however, it was just him and me, so when he suggested Johnny, I wholeheartedly agreed.  After much laughing at us, Ryion found it on Pandora.  Burning Ring of Fire!  Ghost Riders in the Sky!  It was awesome.  These are the songs I grew up with, and I could still sing them all--or as much as I could sing, considering I was pushing level 8 on the treadmill.

Ryion has indulged us with Johnny and friends all week.  It was the most fun--and apparently, it bumped up my performance.  I lost another two pounds this week.

Wanna see me lose 10 pounds in 30 seconds?  It's all in how you hold yourself.

15-Jan   22-Nov total loss

weight 169 144
25 lb dec
body fat 38.5 33.2
5.3 dec
chest 38.7 34.7
4.0 dec
bust 41.1 37.7
3.4 dec
waist 39 32.9
6.1 dec
hips 42.8 37.7
5.1 dec
abs 42 37
5. dec
thigh 22 22
no change
calf 15 14.2
.8 dec
bicep 11.6 11.1
.5 dec
forearm 10 9.2
.8 dec
neck 15 13.7
1.3 dec
Total loss

27.3  inches

For those who never had the treat of hearing the Master of Country Music, here's "Walk the Line."

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