Sunday, January 07, 2007

Code Filk II

Music I'm Listening To: "I Can't Get Code Satisfaction"
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This weekend, my ISIG website went the way of a confusing, twisted SF series. Yes: Lost. You can see it, but I can't access it--and it's all my fault!

Put on your old Rolling Stones and sing along as I tell my tale of woe.

I can't get code satisfaction
I can't get no website action

It all started when I decided to add a media room to my FabianSpace website. I bought a book on HTML and tried to create one using the site's template.

So I type and I try and I type and I try
I cant' get no!

After several frustrating attempts, I decided to scrap the whole endeavor and go with tripod. I'd already used it for my ISIG site. It was easy to set up, easy to update and the site looks terrific. Why bother with HTML when I could do it there?

When I'm typin' in website code
And I can't see which way to go
the program's saying No and No

I logged onto Tripod with my ISIG account and looked at the available space. Hmm... I really want to do a lot more with the ISIG site and a whole lot with Tripod.

No problem. I'll just create a new account.

I'd missed some vital information
that affects my website situation

At this point, those of you with experience on tripod and other sites should be crowding the monitor, shouting at me like we all did to those ditzy teens in the slasher movies:

"No! Don't do it!"

I opened the new account window...

"Stop! Go back! Close The Window!"

I put in my name and address.

"Different e-mail! At least use a different e-mail!"

I put in the same e-mail as the ISIG account.

"AAAARGH! I can't look!"

I can't get no, oh no no no
Hey hey hey, that's what I say

I can't get code satisfaction
I can't get no website action...

Actually, the website building went great. I found a template, modified it to resemble the FabisnSpace site--banner and all--and soon I was doing the website equivalent of getting lucky never knowing the doom that awaited.

(Rise in volume, please..)

'Cause I typed and I typed and I typed and I typed
I can't GET NO!!!!

(Volume down, now--you're scaring the neighbors)

When I'm doin' Tripod, see
And the site is looking so great
Something's much to easy....

Four hours or so late, I had a KICKIN' media room: photos, graphics, media releases, lots of useful information about me and my stuff...a CHAT ROOM! Yes, I, Karina Fabian, Queen of the Coding Chickens, figured out how to put a chat room on my site! SCORE!

All that was left was to get some information from my ISIG site and put in an announcement there.

But you can't get that site 'cause it ain't the same
As the one now in your name
I can't get no, oh no no no
Hey hey hey, that's what I say

I can't get no satisfaction
I cant' get no ISIG action

I logged out, logged in as isigsf. Tripod says "Problem with member name of password." I try again. Same result. I ask for my password. It says I've given invalid info. I opened up the unhelpful help desk and started a ticket. I got back a reply saying someone changed my password. I tried the new password. It didn't work I opened another ticket...

And I typed and I tried and I typed and I cried
I can't get no!

So now I wait for the Tripod help desk to open, trying not to cry and hoping the 'Net police don't arrest me for web-building with out a clue.

I hope I can get access to the original ISIG website. If not, I guess I'll rebuild it. It's been an incredibly valuable resource.

But this time, I'll just put it in my karinafabian account.

Hey hey hey, that's what I say

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