Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tip: Cute Party Favors

A friend sent this link in her newsletter: It's a place to buy personalized candy tins. The owner is offering a free tin to the Valentine of the first 25 bloggers who mention him. Since Rob is in Norfolk next month, it seemed like a neat surprise, so I checked out the site.

Yeah, they're gimmicky, but they're kind of cute, and considering the amount of money most parents spend on little party bags full of plastic junk that gets thrown out a week later, they're not a bad deal. They could make neat thank-you gift for Christmas to all the teachers, hairdressers, and anyone else you like to give a little something to. (Do we all really need another pretty candle or fancy soap?) If you need some kind of promotional gimmick and have the money to spend, they are worth looking at.

I'm going to bookmark them. It's a few years until Quinceneras or weddings, but may as well think ahead.

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