Sunday, August 05, 2007

Infinite Space, Infinite God Virtual Book Tour Schedule

If you read my last post, you know my computer died, taking about a week's worth of info with it. (Third time for this computer. I have sworn off HP laptops and encourage folks to stay away from them.) I now have a new Toshiba, and am working with Circuit City to get a refund on my HP Lemon. We're on the road to Minot, ND tomorrow, but if we get time between packing, Rob is going to load all my info from my back-up drive, and I'll have only lost a week of work. In the meantime, I can only blog on my MIL's computer, which has dial-up. Very Slow dial-up.

Here's the schedule of the ISIG virtual book tour. Some folks have gotten excited and posted early. Please leave a comment; bloggers are getting a prize for most comments, and anyone who comments gets a chance to win either a copy of our Christian SF eBook, Leaps of Faith, or a gift certificate at Twilight Times Books.


1: (summary), Day 1 (summary)

2:, Day 2 (interview)

3: (interview)

4: (interview)

5: (interview)

6: (interview) (interview)

7: (interview) (interview)

8: (interview)

9: (interview)

10: (review)


12: (interview)

13: (review) (interview)

14: (review)

15: (interview) (trailer)

16: (review) (interview) (summary)

17: (interview)

18: 12 Noon: Live Chat:

19: (review)
7:00-9:00 PM: (Live Chat)

20: (interview)

21: (review)

22: (review and interview) (review and interview)

23: (interview)

24: (interview) (interview)

25: (interview) (interview)

26: (interview)

27: (guest blogger) (interview) (interview)

28: (guest blogger) (review) (review)

29: 12 Noon: Live Chat "Infinite Space, Infinite God and the Infinite Possibilities of Book Marketing" (guest blogger)

30: (interview)

31: (review)

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Anonymous said...

Rob's a USAF officer...
You're leaving for Minot, ND...
Minot, ND means Minot AFB...
Minot AFB means SAC since the LeMay days...
And SAC means nukes...

And you're leaving for Minot on 6 August, Hiroshima Day.

Somebody cue Rod Serling...