Thursday, July 31, 2008

Novel's Journey: detour for a story pays off

On vacation this week, and until August 15, but the past few days have been in preparing and traveling. I'll have something for next week, promise. However, I have very cool news:

"Mishmash: From the Case Files of DragonEye, PI" has been accepted in Book of Tentacles!

Many thanks to my crit crew:
* Ann Lewis
* Rebecca Butcher
* Deb Cullins Smith
* Joe Trent
* Kimberli Campbell
* Agnes

In honor of making the cut, here's a paragraph that pretty much sets up the story. Sr. Grace has hired Vern to check out a song she thinks is a spell. Vern (and everyone else) thinks it's a bunch of random sounds mishmashed together. But he takes the case.

I checked out the band. They were as thrown together as their hit song, a bunch of losers with mediocre voices and minor musical talent but faces that looked good in stylized B&W on the cover of Yrd 4 Sound. Most of their other songs ranked on the low end of ordinary, but "Mishmash" had propelled them to fame. The lead singer/songwriter said the sounds came to him in a dream--after passing out from one too many Sailing Monsters. A photo of him showed the tattoo he'd gotten that night; if C'thulu and Doc Oc ever got together; their children would look like that. No accounting for taste.

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