Thursday, July 24, 2008

Silliness abounds after Communism falls

So, it's been around 17 years since the communistic government of Russia crumbled over its own weight. You don't hear as much about Russia as you used to--no leaders are thumping their shoes on UN podiums and even though my husband is in ICBM maintenance, the kids still have to ask, "Why do we bother with these?"

Well, they've gotten healthier--and are proud of it. Just check out this article where they christen a monument to that sign of good health and luxury everywhere: the enema.

AP Photo

But don't think it's all luxury and sloth! They keep up on important affairs of state: George and Laura Bush to divorce after election because of Condi Rice?

And, now that they have a defense budget, they're flying their bombers and checking up on our ICBMs in accordance to START treaties. Of course, none of their findings on the missile fields is as startling as the fact that you can buy shotguns at Walmart. (Rob's friends at Warren AFB, WY, reported the shock of the Russian inspectors when they discovered the sporting good section.)

Now before anyone thinks I'm Russian bashing, let me ask: are these things really that different from what you find in the Western world?

Aside from the shotguns at Walmart. Guess we need to give them something to work for.

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