Monday, February 01, 2010

31 Days of Resolutions, Goals, and Organizing Posts

Each month, I try to make a post a day on Twitter about some interesting topic. I decided to then post them here for those who may have missed a day.

1. Did you make New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s mine:
2. 8 tips for making resolutions that stick:
3. How to make resolutions that matter:
4. Just to tie in with yesterday’s post on resolutions that matter…
5. My own way to make goals: spend 15 min deciding my old year’s regrets, 15 on old year’s successes, and find goals to address them both.
6. Resolutions are not goals-Resolutions are general; goals specific. Learn more:
7. Here’s more on the SMART concept of goal-setting:
8. Still need help goal setting? Here’s a tutorial!
9. Here’s a whole website dedicated to goal-setting tips:
10. For the graphics-minded, here’s a goal-setting chart. (Scares me!)
11. Is one of your resolutions this year to keep a cleaner house? Cut clutter? FLY lady takes you baby step by baby step. I’m going to try her this year.
12. Authors: Is one of your goals to market your books better? 30-Minute Marketer is a weekly newsletter of marketing tasks (not just tips). I tell you what to do, how and when.
13. Once you have big goals, break them into smaller goals:
14. Step-by-step in the planning process:
15. How to build a smarter to-do list:
16. Need your to-do lists online? Here’s an assessment of 25 services (including free ones)
17. Rob showed me iGoogle’s homepage maker. I love the aps--calendar, a to-do list, a sticky note, and gmail instead of news and force-fed entertainment.
18. Authors: Having trouble knowing what to do for marketing? 30-Minute Marketer schedules tasks for you.
19. Is your goal to organize your home? Cut clutter first! Here’s FLY Lady’s advice:
20. Here’s a whole website for cutting clutter:
21. My own cut-clutter ideas: Keep 4, toss 1. When we do it quarterly, esp. with the kids’ toys, it helps a lot!
22. Cool website for organizing in the workplace:
23. Cut the clutter in your writing:
24. Computer cluttered with programs and other junk? Get the decrapifier: (Rob uses it on any new computer we get)
25. On Facebook? Here are some ways to cut clutter and increase effectiveness:
26. Some good ideas for organizing yourself and your time. (Warning—site has a lot of ads)
27. Good organizing tips: (My fave: tackle worst first, tho I tackle most important first)
28. Writers: Here’s an article about managing your writing time.
29. Writers: Here’s one on organizing your writing space:
30. Authors: Don’t have your marketing tasks organized? For $12/year, I do it for you:

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