Sunday, January 31, 2010

Closing Virtual Book Tour de Net

Many of you know that I have had a regular blog, Virtual Book Tour de 'Net, where I posted information about people's books, interviews with the authors and the occasional review. I started it a couple of yeras ago after the first MuseOnline conference. My original idea what I post about a book, and the author in turn would post about one of the books on the blog or about one of mine. However, very few people followed-up on that, and I quickly gave it up as a bad idea and started posting as a service to others.

Over the past two years, however, I've found that not only has my blog not garnered a lot of attention, but so many others are doing what I'm doing--and more effectively--that authors aren't getting much from it, so it's not worth the time I spend. In the meantime, two of my kids have entered high school and need more of my attention again. Time to re-prioritize my time.

As a result, I've closed that blog as of yesterday. I really enjoyed doing it, and learning about others' books, but it's time to move on.

I may at times review a book on this website, but it'll be ones I've chosen to read just because rather than by request.

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