Friday, January 22, 2010

March for life!


I'm joining the virtual March For Life. God bless those who are there marching today. God bless those taking a stand against the murder of innocents. And God bless mothers-to-be who are being told this is a "choice." Guide them to right decisions.

The picture above is a fetus at EIGHT WEEKS. Still don't think it's human? Then consider what my husband says: "If you leave it alone, will it become a human?" Then it's a baby, and killing it is murder.

Join the Virtual March for Life:


Walt said...

Okay, I'm the short, fat one 23rd from the left in row 231.

Daphne Of Argos said...

Thank you for sharing this. Today, while clicking though blogs, I came across one that posted something a Reverend said, saying Abortion is a Blessing. I then, when I couldn't stomach anymore of the words she was saying, allowed my pro-life Fiance to look at the blog, and thus started something all it's own on his own blog. anyways, I'd be glad to march virtually with these fine folks, don't care where I am exactly in the crowd, but I'm there.