Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Thoughts at 30,000 feet

I wrote this on the airplane a couple of weeks ago, but finally got it out of my smartphone. (Smart phone, dumb human). Anyway, with the Root Canal Epic, Part II, I'm not in the mood to blog, so I'm posting this instead.

We're on our househunting trip to Utah. My netbook ran out of juice, so I'm blogging using my smart phone because I'm feeling stuck on the story I'm working on here.

I resisted cell phones for a long time, but - must admit, I adore my Android. Ironically, the one thing I wish was that it was just a bit bigger. Not quite the size of the iPad, but close.

Does anyone else look at the iPad and think of Yoeman Rand?

We're hitting turbulence. I like turbulence. I feel like we're actually moving. I'm more connected to the plane, the flight, the sky...

Go ahead, give me a weird look.

A lot of folks think I'm weird for enjoying moving. I think part of it is perspective: they see precious things packed away; I see a chance to unpack and rediscover those precious things. They see a house loved and emptied; I see a new palate waiting for me to make my own. They see friends left behind; but since my best friends are online, anyway, I see a chance to meet interesting people.

The only hard part is schools. Amber and Steven are in high school. I'd like them to stay in one until they graduate--this is Steven's third. Alex and Liam did not like their school in CA, so this move should be good. They also have good friends moving to Utah. In fact, if we can, we're going to househunt for them, too. We'll live in different towns, alas. They need a county that allows 3 dogs.

So, how do you end a random blog? Why don't you hum the Seinfeld theme while you finish this sentence? Thanks.


Jared said...

I think you'll like it here in Utah!

Karina Fabian said...

Ogden is beautiful, and there was so much to do. We're pretty excited.