Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Novel's Journey: Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator: Unexpected Heroes

Sometimes, characters just have to take center stage whether you planned it or not. The past couple of weeks, I had two characters do just that.

For those that have come to the blog late, I'm writing about a zombie exterminator, Neeta Lyffe, who is training other exterminators as part of a reality TV show. Two of Neeta's apprentices from the show, LaCenta and Spud, were on 9-1-1 patrol with other exterminators as part of the show. At the time I was writing this, they were going to hang out in the vans and not have much happen. The chapter was about Neeta and two other apprentices getting called away from a concert in order to chase a zombie in the park.

However, once I finished, the chapter felt very incomplete. I decided I needed to at least touch on what the other teams had done that night. At first, I was going to have LaCenta get invited to the rest of the concert, as one of the singers wanted to dedicate a song to the zombie exterminators of the world. However, she had other plans. She and her team ended up re-killing a zombie who was on the rampage after his murderer. I also discovered that LaCenta speaks GhettoWoW, which is interesting as I'd never heard of GhettoWow until she brought it up. I had to consult with my husband on that one.

So that took care of LaCenta, and to a lesser extent, Nasir, another apprentice. That left poor Spud. Spud has been kind of an underdog in the show--skilled, but quiet and methodical. Director Dave calls him "the potatoes" of the show and has been hard pressed to pair him up with something as the meat. Well, Spud ended up being quite the hero when his team takes him to zombie central to actually catch some live zombies for research. The plan goes wrong and he saves the girl. Director Dave is having paroxysms of joy.

I'm working on a segue scene, then Neeta gets approached by a diet drink company that wants her to advertise for them. Then we get to the finale! I figure 20,000 more words to go. It's slowed for now because I have a contract for school planners due late May, but I'm hoping to finish before we move in June.


Shigune Matsui said...

Hey there, another writer? Awesome! Yes, I've had some of those times where when I wrote something, it would feel incomplete and I would add to it.

But heed this warning: don't add TOO much, or that may ruin the fun that was otherwise intended to be in. By the way, if you like, you can come over to my writing and drawing blog and if you like, you can subscribe and comment. I'd love it!

Karina Fabian said...

Hi, Shigune,

Trust me--all my additions did was enhance the fun, and it gave me some directions for later. I don't add just to add.

I like your avatar. Once I'm clear of the huge pile of obligations I'm under (Check out next week's blog), I'll try to pop over to your blog. In the meantime, hope you come back!