Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wrap up of Tour and Reviews for Why God Matters

Wow, what a great book tour! Steve Lumbert (aka Dad) and I not only had a lot of terrific opportunities to talk about our book, but we also had some great reviews and a few surprises.

First, the best surprise. One of the interviews got read by my cousin, Shelly, whom we'd lost track of decades ago! She found me on Facebook and contacted me last week. How cool is that?

We also had a few folks who said we answered some questions of faith or gave them inspiration to renewing their relationship with God. Talk about "mission accomplished!" I'm praying for all of you!

Finally, we got several awesome reviews. One thing I really enjoyed seeing was that readers of other faiths still found something of value in our book, even though it is geared toward a Catholic audience. I've always felt that God will reach to people of any belief (or even no belief). After all, we are His children, every one. I'm glad no one felt threatened by our stories of faith.

Here are some snippets of the reviews.

" easy to digest look into how God touches us daily... in many ways able to express what that type of faith can mean to an individual better than straight theology or dogma." Cheryl at The Book Connection

"This is a short book which casts a long shadow in the literature of modern Catholic apologetics." Walt Staples, former president, Catholic Writers' Guild

"... a perfect dose of encouragement for those seeking a deeper relationship with God."

" Although Why God Matters has been written from the Catholic viewpoint, I think that everyone of Christian faith who has experienced God in their lives can learn something from reading this book." Susanne Drazic,

"... very approachable and does its job well. You are reading about the authors, you are learning how to apply faith in your life and in the end you feel as if you have gained three friends." The NY Book Journal,

"... the book explained the passion behind the faith. ... This is a very interesting read and will probably open up your eyes to something you didn't know about this interesting and historic faith." Marta Hoelscher,

"Throughout this book, they also made no attempt to sway the reader toward sharing their beliefs. They are just very straight forward—'I love God and this is why.' ... What I did come away with was a better understanding of God and a deep desire to appreciate Him more every day. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to enrich their relationship with God." Lynn McMonigal,

"... if you are looking to get the most this book has to offer I think it would be best to only read a chapter at a time and fully reflect on the wisdom contained in each chapter, particularly the life lesson section. Approaching the book in this manner would only take a few minutes per chapter to read making it a book that even the busiest person would be able to squeeze into their schedule." Karen (for the Catholic Book Company),

"A short book, but it covers much.... not a book that should be read by only those of the Catholic faith, but instead by all who have experienced the touch of God in the everyday moments of life... Several times while reading, I stopped as a memory entered my mind of one of those everyday life lessons that have taken place in my life. I can say with all honesty that you will too. Six colors on the rainbow scale." Joyce Anthony,

"fun, engaging, quick, easy reading...but with a powerful message.... This inspirational little book is indeed a gem – it is a power-packed treasury of heartwarming stories, helpful spiritual lessons, and useful, practical suggestions to guide us in our daily lives." Jean Heinmann,

"The vignettes are what really bring this book to life.... This book is written from a Catholic viewpoint with a Catholic audience in mind. I think, though, that any Christian reader would enjoy and benefit from the insights it offers, which transcend sectarian borders." Fred Warren,

"Some (stories) will make you cry and others will make you laugh, still others will make you wonder if you own relationship with God is all that you want, but more importantly, if it's all that He would like it to be." Reading at the Beach,

Thanks again to Dorothy Thompson at Pump Up Your Book Promotions and my publisher, Nicole Langan at Tribute Books for setting this up. You guys are tops!

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