Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ten Random Thoughts

It's 11 pm on Sunday and I've not prepared a blog as I've been working all weekend on the first-round (which really is first 2 rounds) of edits to Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator. So tonight, I present 10 random thoughts that keep me up tonight:

1. What's with the latest Dr. Who? Is he defective? I'm getting rather irritated at how he's so reactive and slow to come up with solutions. The "Tenant" Doctor would have solved half his dilemmas by mid-show and gotten into some really juicy trouble. Is it because he's not ginger like he wanted?

2. Why is geekiness cool now, and not when I was a self-conscious teen? (Glad it is, since we're raising geeks.)

3. What is it about me that ruins computers? This is the fourth time in six months a computer's died on me. Rob wants to build me a desktop. At least then, I know my tech support.

4. Why did God create wasps and mosquitoes?

5. If I get royalties from Damnations Books, are those the wages of sin?

6. WHAT is the lure of Facebook games? They're about as interesting as slot machines without tangible payoff.

7. Why is it so hard to come up with ten things when you want to--but when you don't want to, questions and thoughts don't go away?

8. Who really reads my blog? I supposedly have 130 or more followers--do they really follow or are they just being polite?

9. What IS the approximate air velocity of the unladen sparrow? (African or European.)

10. Now that I've finished this, will how many questions will I come up with?

Good night!


Grace Bridges said...

I for one like this Doctor rather better than his predecessors, hate Facebook games, AND I read your blog, so there :P

Crystal R. said...

I'm reading it just because you sucked me right in with Ten Random Thoughts. Interesting idea by the way. I'll drop back in to WC soon, I've just been so busy my head is spinning. Congrats on getting so much done. Yes I'm quiet but paying attention. :) Crystal

Amanda Borenstadt said...

I've only seen a couple of the new Doctor Who episodes. I haven't even seen all of the Tennant ones. Now that I have Netflix (Yay!) I can do that.

But no Doctor will be as good as Tom Baker, Peter Davison, or the late super duper Jon Pertwee!

But you know what they say- "You never forget your first Doctor." :)