Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks to the Catholic Writers Conference Live!

(Note: This was written on Friday, Aug 6.)

The Catholic Writers Conference Live is over. The trade booth is struck, and my roomies (Michelle Buckman and Elizabeth Weiner) are on their way to the train. Fortunately, I get to have breakfast with Ann Lewis, Margaret Reiley and John Desjarlais in an hour or so or I might be crying.

I've been to writers' conference before, and it's always a high to be sharing your excitement for the craft with others, but being a Catholic conference adds a special element. It wasn't just that there was daily Mass offered before the day's events--it was the new friend who nabs you on the exhibitor’s floor and says, "They're doing benediction and Communion. Since you missed Mass, you need to go get the Sacrament now." It wasn't just hearing about how to write a great villain; it's learning how you can access that darker side of our nature and make it a force for Good. It wasn't just that you could talk to publishers an authors; it was that authors and publishers shared with each other in friendly competition but with a solidarity that comes from the knowledge that we share a higher mission than just making money (we hope) off our works.

It's more than just being able to talk freely about our faith--it's feeling free to live our faith as passionately as we live our craft.

While other writers' conferences inform my mind and inspire my imagination, the Catholic Writers Conference Live touched soul.

Thank you to all who helped put the conference together and to all who attended.

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