Thursday, December 09, 2010

Squee! My Sister Poses as Neeta Lyffe!

I was days away from book launch and had no ideas for photos for Neeta Lyffe for my book trailer video. I thought about posing myself, but well, I'm fat. So I decided to call one of the most fit and beautiful women I know--my sister, Regina Koske.

She was thrilled. She vowed to find the biggest, toughest chainsaw she could and make very good use of those cardio-boxing classes she was taking. A few days later, seh sent me 50 photos taken from her iphone by her husband, Chuck. Thought I'd share a few with you:

Here's Neeta meaning business. (Go ahead and guess Gina's actual age. Bet you're off by 10 years.)

She and Chuck had a lot of fun doing some action shots. Chuck even suggested they take the chainsaw to the refinery where he works. I'm thinking "What a great place for a zombie attack!"

This one, of course, made the video. I think I laughed and squealed like a crazed fangirl for 20 minutes over this one. Gina said Chuck was egging her on, "Come on, Babe, give me the look!"

I so love being able to include my family in my creative fun. Glad I have a family willing to play with me! Thanks, Gina!


Tannia Ortiz-Lopes said...

the last pic is my favorite. Wow, now she is famous, too.

Karina Fabian said...

Yeah, that's my fave, too. Have you seen the website yet? It's a laugh.

Walt said...

Only a man with a death wish does something as stupid as guess aloud at a lady's true hair color, weight, or age--and that's when she's unarmed.