Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer and best laid plans for writing goals.

Remember what I said about 3000 words a day?

Forget it. Summer has intervened. Plus, waiting on information--CHUCK, CALL ME!!--and teaching classes and a book that got moved up a month in launch date (Mind Over Mind comes out in August!)...

I'm not giving up on my goal, mind you, just being more forgiving of myself if I don't meet it. However, having had the goal has helped me in a couple of ways:

1. I know I can meet it. I have done it. I can do it again.
2. Just trying to meet the goal has increased my productivity. I think I average about 1500 words a day.
3. I know a little more about what I need to meet such a goal in terms of preparation and environment. I can better apply that when the school year starts again and I have more quiet time.
4. I am able to handle more than one project at a time when so inclined. I'd been kind of monofocused of late, but this month, I was not able to do that and achieve anywhere near my goal for reasons beyond control of the story.

So, I've not met my writing goals, but I did learn a few interesting things about my writing and myself.

And now, I'm going to get to my writing. I might not make 3000, but I can certainly try!


Walt said...

3,000 words per day? Well, knowing you, I find that highly possible. But (ever notice how there's always a "but" involved in anything to do with writing? Though the one mentioned BIC HOK seems to be spelled differently), I think you might want to check out the new steam turbine computers they're featuring over at Writers' Garret this week at 15% off. I just don't think you're going to get the RPMs you want otherwise, even with a diesel. And electric? Don't even go there! (Unless you're talking liquid-cooled--then you got to worry about coolant loss if you come under fire from the critics.)

Given the right equipment though, yeah, dead easy.

Karina Fabian said...

Actually, the kicker is not the computer machinery, but the organic component. Today, I'm betting I get in 3000 words worth, but it will all be in chicken scratches and mind maps. (Go ahead, make the jokes--you KNOW you want to!)

You know as well as I that we both are capable of exceeding 3000 words, and we both do it on a regular basis, if we counted e-mails, blogs and comments, etc.!