Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Firedancer by S. A. Bolich

Government Noseys:  Bought this one.  Worth more than 99 cents.

Synopsis From the website:  Jetta ak'Kal, once the most talented Firedancer in all the clans, is haunted by the memory of a failure that took the life of her beloved. Asked to protect a village that has never known fire, she must battle both their prejudices and her growing certainty that her enemy—the Ancient, the living, elemental fire—has learned to think. And the Dance that controls it is failing...

Review:  I got to hear Sue Bolich read a portion of this book at WorldCon and loved her vivid descriptions of her dancer.  In fact, Sue talked to me about it for my blog (See below if you missed it the first time.) I found the book itself lived up to the promise of the first few pages I'd heard:  rich in description, with great excitement and deep feeling.  The story was well thought out, and I loved the characters.  One thing I really appreciated was that while the characters had amazing abilities, they weren't superhuman.  They had limits, felt pain, were injured--and didn't incredibly recover the same day or perform amazing feats with the effortlessness of their pre-injured bodies.  The romances were natural and believable.  The worldbuilding is amazing, too.  I'll be asking Sue about using bits of her book as examples in my worldbuilding classes!  Overall, just a wonderful book, definitely worth getting.  I'd especially recommend it for ladies in their teens and up, and for anyone who is a dancer.

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