Thursday, December 22, 2011

Woo-hoo! Neeta 2 is done!

On Tuesday, I put the finishing touches on Neeta Lyffe 2: I Left My Brains in San Francisco, and sent it off to writer friends for critique.

For the rest of the year, I intend to catch up on some stuff, figure out my schedule and tasks for at least 2 months, watch movies, enjoy my kids, read books and goof off.  (And if Penny sends the copy edits ofr Live and Let Fly, I'll do that, too.)  In January, I'll hit the keyboard again to finish The Old Man in the Void.

Sometimes, I must admit that I like having written even more than writing itself.  I get random sparks of happy for days just thinking that I've accomplished another novel and that I enjoy the story, too.   I know some writers get a kind of doldrums once the writing process is over, but for me, it a chance to rev up for the next dream.
Rapunzel: What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?
Flynn Rider: It will be.
Rapunzel: And what if it is? What do I do then?
Flynn Rider: Well,that's the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.

How about you? If you're a writer, how do you feel after you put the last words in the file and know it's time to send it off?  If you're not a writer, how do you feel after finishing a big project?

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