Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Fourth of July! Be Proud of Your Nation

 Show The Flag

by Edgar A. Guest 

Show the flag and let it wave
As a symbol of the brave
Let it float upon the breeze
As a sign for each who sees
That beneath it, where it rides
Loyalty to-day abides

Show the flag and signify
That it wasn't born to die
Let its colors speak for you
That you still are standing true
True in sight of God and man
To the work that flag began

Show the flag that all may see
That you serve humanity
Let it whisper to the breeze
That comes singing through the trees
That whatever storms descend
You'll be faithful to the end

Show the flag and let it fly
Cheering every passer-by
Men that may have stepped aside
May have lost their old-time pride
May behold it there, and then
Consecrate themselves again

Show the flag! The day is gone
When men blindly hurry on
Serving only gods of gold
Now the spirit that was cold
Warms again to courage fine
Show the flag and fall in line!

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