Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Writer's Journey: Slow steps back

Well, after last week's declaration and a burst of energy that took my e-mail level to-do list from 125 to 31, I figured I'd be full steam ahead on writing, but my parents came to visit, which inspired me to do some home improvement projects with them.  We now have doors that make me happy instead of annoyed when I see them, some minor fixes to major appliances, and, of course, Liam's new chair.  We also went shopping, out to dinner, played games, etc.  Overall, a good visit, indeed.

Of course, one of the shopping trips was to get a new dog.  We hadn't intended on looking so soon, but my daughter wanted to volunteer with a pound or rescue, which led to pictures and to phone calls, and on Saturday, we adopted a hound/shepherd mix, Toby.

He's a puppy, so in one sense, he'll be yet another project for me, but will also challenge me to keep my writing at hobby level.  He's also excellent with the kids, always following them around instead of me.  (Sometimes, I had to protect Layla from a kid who wanted to snuggle too much.)

I didn't work on fiction, but I did enjoy writing my blogs this weekend, which was one of the things I had lost enthusiasm for.  Also, I do feel some of my enthusiasm for marketing coming back.  I'd not been able to come up with a book trailer for I Left My Brains in San Francisco, and an e-mail reminded me of the September 1st launch date, so I went looking for music for the trailer.  I came across a really fun calypso/reggae beat by Kevin MacLeod, and lyrics popped into my head.  Now I need someone to sing it!  We're going to make a contest of it, so I'll be working out the details this week.  Stay tuned!

Between dogs and parents, and doctor appointments tossed in, I probably won't get started on writing until next week, but that's okay.  I think I'm back on track.

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