Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just a Few More Days 'till Coprsickle Time!

Many thanks to Frr Malory for making this cool cover.

Hey, are you ready for zombies on skis?  I've been writing "Shambling in a Winter Wonderland" to go live November 19.  Neeta and Ted go on a ski trip and to help advertise a ski/snowboard contest that raises money for Operation Homefront.  But when a ski team from last year's contest who died in an avalanche come back to finish the runs themselves, Neeta and Ted will be shredding with the Undead!

I've had a really slow start with this one, but once again, the answer came from the old adage, "Chase your characters up a tree.  Put vicious dogs at the base.  Throw rocks."  There are going to be tons of laughs and some comical zombie moments, but also some heavy stuff for Neeta and Ted.  It's also turning out WAY bigger than expected--definitely a novella when all done.

Mark your calendars to visit http:/ or contact me to get on the mailing list to get informed when the next episode is up.

In the meantime, here's a teaser:

“Zombies? On skis?” Ted’s squeal came loud and clear over her helmet as they followed the sheriff on snowmobiles up to the accident scene.  “If it weren’t so dangerous, it’d be core awesome!”

“Apparently, there was some kind of shrine set up with their skis and snowboards—except for Spars’.  The manager said someone stole his, so they replaced it with some from the lost and found—that doesn’t matter!  The point is, they were already fearless and skilled.  Now they’re mindless, fearless and skilled—and the only thing they have connection to here is the ski contest I’m supposed to pose at.    Are you sure you want to marry me?  I’m cursed.”  Neeta spoke through chattering teeth—even with all the layers she could pile on under her Hasmat suit and her ski mask making her helmet uncomfortable, the cold air cut through her.  Ahead of her Sheriff Buttons swerved to avoid a root that arched out of the snow and she followed.  She heard a thump, and guessed that Ted chose to jump the branch instead.

“Nah.  You’re interesting—and that’s what I love about you.  Come on.  If it weren’t for your so-called curse, we wouldn’t be snowmobiling in restricted territory right now.  How fuse is that?  Just go with it.  ‘Embrace the suck,’ as Gordon used to say.”

Their friend Gordon had been a Marine before being discharged for being too enthusiastic about his job.  “I’m not a Marine.”

“Your mom was.  Doesn’t any of that rub off?”

“She took shrapnel to the arm and was discharged before I was born.”

“You need to get into the spirit of this.  Sing with me: Oh, the zombies outside are frightful/but the napalm’s so delightful—

“You’re insane!  I’m marrying a crazy man.”  But she couldn’t keep the smile out of her voice.  He did make the job fun.

As long as you love me so…

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