Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Circuit, Training, Week 12: Baffling Body Sculpting

(Skipped a week to keep Margaret Realy's *A Garden of Visible Prayer* top on the blog.  It's an awesome book for the Catholic gardener, if you missed her Amazon Day, no worries, but go pick it up anyway: )

It's been two weeks since my last post, and not so great on the diet or exercise front.  I went on a trip with my daughter, so there was much restaurant food and sweets, and at home, cookie dough called to me.  I did exercise on vacation--the elliptical when the hotel had a gym, and going up and down a flight of stairs 50 times when it did not.  I also did isometrics for my abs in the car.  (That's where you tighten and loosen the muscles.)  Last week, I was home, and did the usual circuit torture, without running because my shins still hurt.  Jacob's Ladder and I are becoming fast friends.  Nonetheless, I went to the scale-and-measure expecting to backslide.

Turns out, I did gain a pound and 3 percent body fat, which is a bummer because I'd just gotten into the normal range.  However, what baffled me are the measurements.  I didn't gain anywhere.  In fact, I lost five inches in the waist and abs.I'm sure I wasn't mismeasured, either: at least one pair of pants no longer fit, and I can see my hourglass figure returning (albeit a larger glass.)

The body is a baffling thing, but know what?  I'll take those results and keep on!

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