Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Come chat with me on Saturday!

First: Please join me in a live chat this Saturday, 12 noon Eastern US time at http://jolinsdell.tripod.com/ . Click on the chatroom, then type in a username and enter without a password. I'll be talking about Infinite Space, Infinite God, faith in fiction and promoting your books via virtual book tours.

Second: Please join me in my own chat room this Saturday, 8 PM Eastern US time when I'll be hosting Cynthia MacKinnon, editor of Light at the Edge of Darkness in my own chatroom. We'll be talking about the book, Christian speculative fiction and anything else you'd like to ask this talented lady. (For my review of Light at the Edge of Darkness, click here.)

If you have a book you'd like to promote, I can host you on a live chat in my chatroom or post a review or promotional blurb on my Virtual Book Tour de 'Net website.

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