Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Karina Presents Thursday FabChat

I'm pleased to announce FabChat: a Thursday evening live chat with authors, editors and others in the publishing industry. We meet at 8PM Eastern Time every Thursday in my chat room. (Click on FabChat on the navbar.)

If you'd like to promote your book (new or old) or talk about another writing topic, let me know and I'll schedule you in.

FabChat kicks off March 1st when we'll be chatting about the Catholic Writers' Guild. Come learn about this exciting new group dedicated to the rebirth of Catholic writings.

March 15, we have Colleen Drippe, who will talk about writing for children and her Little Blue House books.

March 22, Lea Schizas joins us to talk about writing for young adults and about her new book, The Rock of Realm.

April 19 (my birthday), I get to be Guest of Honor at my own show to talk about Infinite Space, Infinite God. We're having an on-line party afterwards with virtual beer and Melnish tea. (Don't know what Melnish tea is? Come to the party and find out.)

Another day, I'll tell you how FabChat evolved, but right now, I need to write a little on my dragon detective story.

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